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Suddenly, the throat of her lower mouth tightened, forcing Kidson to rise from an unexpected thrill, and then again and again.
The girl’s slender fingers ran down his stomach, her breasts settled on her nipples.
Gentle and exciting touch made them jump.

Breath of Kidson was again uneven and intermittent, and Annette felt his penis in the wet and insatiable abyss of her vagina again filled with indomitable force.
Her hands again eagerly slid all over her body, causing animal thrill and hot waves of desire.
Finally, his fingers plunged into the soft and supple warmth of the labia and began to stroke and pull at sticky and moist folds, lingering on

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the recalcitrant tubercle of the swollen and tense clitoris.
These touches seemed to break through her with electric current and made her head thrown back from exhaustion and tremble with pleasure.
Her eyes were covered, low-volume, even more exciting Kidson moans burst out through her half-open mouth, her high chest heaved heavily, and her hands convulsively clung to the cover of the sofa.
Kidson’s eyes were burning.
Sweaty hair stuck to his forehead, his lips nervously quivering from lustful lust, and his back rhythmically moved to meet the movements. Annette – his member, hot and hard, stuck out like a stake on which he, like a hangman in the ancient East, put on a quivering and insatiable female body, flowing out the juice of love.
Suddenly Annette rose.
Her vagina was sweetly smacked and reluctantly released the formidable weapon of Kidson covered with love moisture from her captivity.

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On the dumb question of his insane eyes, her broken voice whispered: – “Enter.”
in me.
from behind And, getting up on all fours, she invitingly and widely spread her knees.
Kidson jumped up and, pushing Annette’s buttocks with sweaty hands, moved apart, drove his dancing stick to the base into the fiery mouth of a voluptuous volcano.
Annette frantically and frantically moved her ass, moaning with pleasure and trying not to miss a single moment of this sweet torture.
Her buttocks beat on Kidson’s wet belly, and her breasts darted from side to side.
His hands furiously pulled her pelvis to him, as if afraid to miss the sweet prey.
The small lips of her hot vagina then compressed, following the penetrating blow of a fierce spear of love, then stretched out with a pipe, not wanting to release its prey and trying to keep it at all costs.
Breathing reduced, and the heart was ready to break out of the piles and.
Kidson’s fingers slowly touched Annette’s cheek, then slid higher, brushing dark unruly hair.
Their eyes met.
And as in the very first minutes, sly lights burned in them.
Her swollen lips formed a sly smile — she seemed to be listening to her feelings.
The dark circles of her nipples had already relaxed, and she quietly and naturally played with them, turning them over with the fingers of her left hand.
The inner side of her thighs was glistening wet with their mixed juice running down the close buttocks on the bedspread.
There was a tart and exciting smell of lustful flesh in the air.
Kidson’s flaccid dick, just as wet from her discharge and sperm, lay tiredly and relaxed on one of the thighs.
The girl turned her eyes on him and slightly mockingly smacked her lips, sending him a kiss.
– Piglet! It seems that your master’s wife does not so often allow you to frolic between her legs, since in the very first minute he rushes at unfamiliar decent girls.
BUT? – And she gently touched his head with slender fingers.
– Frankly, I did not expect such speed from you, Mr. Best lesbian webcam.

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