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The crowd froze again, listening to the Aurora.
“For starters, I’m interested in the role of Mr. Malfoy in all of this,” began Dolish.
– I? – Draco smiled, – I always suspected that Granger and Wislett are depraved whores, but until this year they had restrained their instincts.

“And Cormac McClagen says he’s been fucking them for the fifth year eleven times a day!” shouted Zechariah Smith.
“Cormac also says he’s a good goalkeeper,” Draco snorted.
– Are you listening to me or McClagen? So, I happened to find out at the beginning of the month that these ladies are going to engage in prostitution at Hogwarts, and offered them help in finding a reliable clientele.
“So you became a pimp, Malfoy,” Neville interrupted.
“This is not forbidden here, Longbottom,” Draco dismissed.
“Moreover, it was only thanks to my efforts that these nymphomanches fucked regularly, saturated their lust and avoided the worst for the time being.
But today they broke, did not follow, – Malfoy spread his hands.
“I wish I knew anything about this and could not help Professor Tonks.”
– It is clear, Mr. Malfoy.
This coincides with the testimony of Miss Granger and Miss Weasley.
In general, these students gave me the same testimony as you all now, only in a more expanded form, – answered Dolish.
“I can only add that they are both sane — not influenced by Imperius, the bitch of nutmeg, and the like.”
And that was the end for Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley.
And the beginning of the main scandal in the history of Hogwarts.
xxx When Hermione and Ginny were already being taken out of the Great Hall, they suddenly became hysterical: “We do not want!” Can not! Can not! “No one wants to go to Azkaban, but it still does,” said the old mediad philosophically.
– You do not understand! exclaimed Hermione.

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– We can not not fuck, we clink! echoed Ginny.
“Gentlemen of the Aurora,” said Malfoy, drawing out the words, “for they really will drive the whole of Azkaban crazy with their moans.”
Let me suggest a solution.
I heard that in Azkaban they have now weakened the regime and allowed the prisoners to carry with them all kinds of trinkets.
He pulled out of the bag two large black dildos – the destroyer.
Hermione and Ginny took the destroyers from Malfoy and threw them into their shirts with a sweep.
Both screamed in pain — the destroyers were set to a decent size, and even the workers of the Gryffindor were not so easily included.
Hermione hated every word she had to utter, but could not back down from Malfoy’s plan.
“They are big, long, and hard,” she said quickly.
“We’ll pound our fucking cum every day, right, Ginny?” “Yes, Hermione,” Ginny said with a glued smile that didn’t match her eyes, which were glazed with despair.
– And do not forget about assholes.
I can imagine how tight this cudgel will be at my point.
Please, gentlemen, aurora.
“You will be the first to bring sex toys with you to Azkaban,” Dolish said slowly.
– Very original.
But I have no reason to refuse you.
And now we have to go! Malfoy quietly slipped out of the room.
A beetle came out of his blond hair, which flew off to the ground and suddenly turned into a predatory-looking blonde of middle age.
Rita Skeeter straightened her outrageous tasteless glasses and spoke briskly: “Draco, you have no idea how much I owe you now.”
Yes, in the “Daily Flaw” all go crazy from such a sensation! I do not even know what fee they require – five or ten times more than usual? “Don’t thank, Rita,” Malfoy dismissed.
– Just try to inflate this scandal so that even deaf and blind people will learn about Hogwarts slaves.
And we will assume that you repaid my debt.
“Draco, don’t doubt me,” Skeeter just glowed with happiness.
“I will never miss such a chance to disgrace Granger with a girlfriend to all of England.”
I have my accounts for her.
By the way, your adorable shameless photos of these whores would be very useful to me for articles.
“Of course, Rita,” Draco smiled.
– Come

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on, I have one photo album that you simply must see.
xxx Hermione managed to hold back her tears until they were brought outside.
Only then did she allow herself to burst into tears.
“This is the end, the end, the end to us,” she thought, not paying attention to how the Aurors transgress with her and with Ginny to the old deserted pier, draw up some documents and sit in the boat. Cam live chaturbate.

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