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And this girl is just a doll, with the doll in his hands.
Alexey, if he experienced humiliation, then because he seems to be mistaken, and for money you cannot buy those feelings.
Then came the turn of the strap-on.

The penetration was rude and inept, despite the copious lubrication, and the main failure was in the purely mechanical actions of her thighs.
Megan didn’t care.
He, of course, tried to focus solely on his feelings, but they were not there.
Even verbal “insults” did not help, which were also stipulated in advance.
All the time he was waiting for a feeling of euphoria of submission, and hoped that he would get high from humiliation, but the feeling that he was wrong was getting stronger.
He paid a huge tip, and in the eyes of the girl the greedy lights lit up, which she quickly pacified, but he managed to notice them.
Otherwise would have disappeared.
Still, how useful all the time to remember about money and its value.
Megan became unusually affectionate, and if he had not seen what really motivates her, he would have believed it.
Thinking in the right direction (if the client showed such generosity, he really liked it), Megan began to offer him wonderful sex, the way he wanted.
And even hint that they could live together, and she would do all that he loves.
The poor thing didn’t understand what was happening to him during the session and didn’t have a little bit of female intuition.

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A generous reward was paid only because Alexei, in fact, was the kindest person, and he understood that she was not guilty of the fact that the girl did not bring him the expected feelings.
Alexey wanted to tell his mistress Victoria about this visit to the brothel,

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but he could not decide.
As far as he already knew Mrs., she was unpredictable, she could even get rid of her.
Victoria, when she found out, was very angry, and even hung up, but then, on reflection, forgave the slave.
For this event — forgiveness — he should have made pads.
She just recently looked at photos on BDSM topics and saw these.
It was a great test for Alexey.
During his service in Afghanistan, he was captured and spent several months in such blocks.
It’s only in movies that seems like a minor event, but in life it’s different.
The stubbornness of his character, fortitude, hope for salvation, coincidence, all of this together played a role.
On that day, they wanted to transport him to some remote village in the mountains, and the pads were removed.
They moved along a mountain road, there was a light drizzle.
Spirits summed carelessness.
Suddenly, four Soviet helicopters appeared and their caravan was shot almost point-blank.
Only he and his escort survived.
In the confusion of the raid, Aleksey managed to quietly pick up a pistol near the dead dushman.
Without hesitation, he killed his guard and decided to leave down the gorge, from where helicopters flew in the hope that he would reach his own.
Apparently there is a god, Aleksey thought then – after five days he was completely weakened by our paratrooper guys who were exploring mountain trails.
He didn’t like to remember that.
And now he needed to make exactly those pads where he could be placed, a slave of his own accord. Cyber online sex phpbb limited.

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