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All this time, my mother made sure that no one was fertilized with your mother.
She counted on our safe days and allowed men and boys to cum in us only on safe days.
But once she left for a long time, but her clients still came.

And your mom and I decided to make some money for ourselves.
And we took with her every day five to ten customers and fucked them, and they ended up in pussy and me and your mom.
In total, forty-seven people fucked her and they all let their demise into her pussy, and it means that any of them could be the same man whose demise impregnated your mother.
If my mother knew, she would definitely have an abortion to your mother, as I did at twelve, thirteen, and two times at fourteen.
True, since then, I have never flown again, although secretly from my mother and fucked with the boys and on dangerous days.
So from abortion, I became barren and I can not have children.
– Oh, poor thing.
– Never mind.
You, darling, do not worry.
Having children is not for me.
But your mom and I came up with something else.
We want her to find us such husbands, so that they also like wives, whores and debauchery.
And then we will take another boy and a girl from the orphanage and we will corrupt them all together.
We will all fuck together !.
And your mother said that she wanted to give birth later on from this boy, as soon as he could produce death.
– Wow! And I can give birth to him?
Nina gave me a lecherous smile and stretched her lips towards me.
I brought my face closer to them, touching my mother’s wet chin with my chin and we merged

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into a kiss.
Then she butted me with her head, pushing her crotch away from her mother and, bending down, she herself dug her lips into her mother’s pussy.

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I lay down on the floor between my mother’s legs in order to better see the whole process.
Nina, moaning with excitement and noisily breathing with might and main, wielded the tongue, then sinking it between her mother’s wet sponges, then twisting them, then treating the mother’s poured clit.
Mother’s thighs were like a cup, a cup of love in the hand of a neuromuscular patient.
She quivered and tension waves passed through her.
Then Nina raised her head.
She had an expression on her face as if she was going to sneeze.
But instead of sneezing, she squeezed out with quivering lips in pauses between convulsive, hissing, vibrating breaths and exhalations: – Now.
Right now.
I will.
I again dug into the quivering mother’s pussy, and over my ear I groaned, Nina screamed and started to crown.
Here and my mother’s pussy suddenly leaned towards my lips so that her cup, formed by her booty and hips, was torn off the bed.
I felt the language, deep in my mother, as her vagina began to rhythmically shrink, and she herself, straining with her whole body and ending, deafly screamed her pussy into Nina.
When mom finished, Nina had already managed to catch her breath a little and, looking into my suffering eyes, hastily began to caress my body, which beat a shiver of unsatisfied arousal.
My resentment, caused by the unfair relationship between their stormy pleasure and my dissatisfaction, melted under the rushing stream of sweet caresses.
Especially when mother joined Nina.
They took turns leaning over my crotch, and I was overwhelmed with intense pleasure from the actions of their experienced tongues and sponges.
My weekly experience of sexual life allowed me to evaluate the phase of sexual intercourse, at least, the lesbian one, on which I was.
I felt the approach of an orgasm, and directing the actions of my sexually tempted partners with appropriate touches of hands, put it off as much as possible, in order, first, to maximize the process, which so sweetly combines contradictions – pleasure and growing tension, dissatisfaction, and secondly, get the most voluptuous orgasm.
For the harder you pull the string, the louder it will burst.
And when I realized that it was no longer possible to carry on, I made a small pause, holding my mother’s head between my legs, and then rushed headlong into the swirling stream of orgasm, shaking my whole body and exhaling, throwing myself into my mouth kissing Nina moans shouts and swear words and expressions.
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