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They met about twenty years ago, when Sanych came to repair the crane to our home.
That’s how they met, and they are friends, to this day.
Then George decided on his internship abroad.

At first, the raging father, still listened to his son.
Then, with a sigh, I admitted that there was something in it (from his mouth it was approval).
It took three months to prepare the documents, he pulled up his knowledge of English, and four months after his father’s approval, George went to Europe.
George was not looking for a job, the trip was like sharing experience with a European medical university.
It was organized with the help of his father, but George and did not oppose this.
Working days that had begun, which seemed a brilliant opportunity to improve their experience, turned out to be just plain stupid.
After a week of work at the university clinic, George realized that he would not see anything new here.
He was already head and shoulders above local graduate students, bachelors, etc.
At that moment he met Jadwiga. Live tv sex online.

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