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naked he is even prettier.
– Victor said.

– Yes, I think so too.
I already burn with impatience – Sergey answered him.

– Sasha, come here! – No, I guess I’ll go.
– I replied and stooped behind the cowards lying on the floor.
– No, you will go a little later – I heard the voice of Victor and felt his hand stroking my ass.
“If you’re smart and make everything like that we like, you’ll leave here in half an hour,” said Boris, who was silent all this time.
“Come on, come here,” Sergey said again, and I saw him unbuttoning his pants on his trousers, took them off his pants and began to play with his small and soft member.
– Go suck my boy! – Nooooo! – I shouted, trying to escape from the hands of Victor holding me, but I did not succeed, his grip was iron.
– Yeah, for good you do not want? Well, let’s be bad, only you will be sicker.
– said Victor and grabbing me with his iron hands on the neck pushed me to the sofa and pressed me, forced me to kneel so that I practically rested my face against Sergey’s member.
– Come suck!

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And no nonsense! It will be worse! My eyes filled with tears, I tried to escape, but Victor and Boris held me tight, not giving me the opportunity to move.
– Suck! – Let me go.
– Let go, let go.
just do it right and let go.
And now SOSI! I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around Sergei’s listless member.
He closed his eyes and clasped my head with his hands even more pressed to his groin.
I felt his cock in my mouth began to slowly grow and harden.
I began to tongue caress his head and it accelerated the process even more, the member in my mouth stiffened and became big and hard.
Sergei grabbed my ears and began to stick my mouth on his already protruding member.
At the same time he puffed and moaned.
Suddenly, I felt something warm touch my priests.
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