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Putting three fingers into her pussy and moving a cucumber I fucked Marina.
Valya under me already licked the trunk of my penis and eggs.
I sat on the table, Valya sat on me and began to move diligently on me.

Marina started kissing Vale’s lips and nipples.
She pulled a cucumber out of herself and drove him into ass Vale.
Valya, jumping on me, finished violently, while she slammed hard on Marina’s back.
Finished, Valya purring got down from me.
The girls squatted and I began to turn them into the mouths of my battle friend one by one.
Girls smiling, skillfully sucked him.
And so I began to cum, spewing streams of sperm on their faces.
They licked her off of each other’s faces and kissed merrily.
Then we finished cooking dinner, and after a hearty meal, we ran into our rooms.
The next morning, I got up early, made a run.
No one was yet on the street and in the corridors of the hostel.
On duty, I met only the commandant of the hostel.
She was a woman of fifty years old.
She just took a shower and stood in a bathrobe with a towel over her head.
When she saw me, she said that she needed help and asked me to go to her room.
Going into her room, I saw the perfect order.
Moving the refrigerator and the TV as requested by the commandant, I was about to leave, but she blocked my way out and threw off my robe.
What I saw struck me.
Two huge breasts of the size of the eighth dangled before my eyes.
Her pubis was ruined by such a hair that some people never dreamed of.
I reached out to her pussy hand, and she gladly accepted me.
My palm bathed in the hair of the pubis and almost completely disappeared in her pussy.
I bent down and began to kiss the nipples of her breasts, which are very swollen and were thick with my finger.
With the second hand, I pawed her huge asshole.
I caressed her pussy and clit with my fingers.
She spread her legs wide with pleasure.

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I crawled under her and began to lick all the pussy in black, curly hair.
She had a very large clitoris that stood like a small dick.
I began to caress him with the tip of the tongue.
It flowed right on my face and grunted with pleasure.
I put the commandant on the bed, spread my legs wide and put my embarked member into her pussy.
I began to fuck her hard.
Her huge breasts frantically rushed in different directions.
She sighed and squealed happily.
Having fucked her in pussy, I went out, sat on her and put a member between her breasts.
She squeezed my stick with boobs and I started to fuck her.
The head of the penis sometimes got to her mouth and she tried to swallow it and suck.
I turned her over, and now she was standing in front of me with cancer.
I wanted to fuck her in the ass, and I put her anal to my boyfriend.
She was rather razdolbanaya and I easily began to walk in her.
Sometimes I took out my dick and squirted again, thrust it into her.
She masturbated her pussy, she liked what was happening.
She finished with such a scream that I thought that the whole hostel would wake up.
She was shaking and spinning hard.
From her orgasms, and I ended up with a powerful jet right in the ass.
“- Oh, how warm!” – she exclaimed.
I pulled a member out of her priests and offered him to suck him, which she gladly did.
The next day, I and my classmates Seryoga and Vasya went to a lecture.
We were a bit late, and upon entering the class we found out that there

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was almost no one there, only four girls were sitting there – Sveta, Liza, Tamara and Vika.
They sat together and chatted.
Our question “where is everyone?” they replied that the lecturer was sick, and the lectures were canceled.
We walked over to the girls, and there was a cheerful conversation between us.
Gradually, he switched to erotic topics.
I sat on the desk, next to Tamara.
She sat on a chair, and unbuttoning her pants, she took out my dick and showed it to the girls.
They were glad again.
Tamara, without hesitation, began to jerk off my pussy.
She did it diligently, enjoying the results, t.
he was already standing.
Now she took it in her mouth and began to suck hard, continuing to masturbate and caress the eggs.
From the surprise and surging buzz, I closed my eyes.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that Liza was already sitting on the desk and Vasya was diligently licking her pussy, Sergey Sveta was doing a blowjob.
Vika looked at everyone in surprise and masturbated her pussy through her wet panties.
I nodded her to join us, and she came up and kissed me passionately.
Then, kneeling, she began to help Tamara to excite my dick by licking her balls and his trunk.
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