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Remaining in the same trophy family, I stuck my penis through my pants and jerked, walking around the room.
I finished in a specially prepared towel and, wiping myself, fell asleep.
I woke up because they knocked on the door.

I got out of bed and opened.
He stood on the threshold.
Andrew! You know, I’m not very happy with the results of the auction.
I would like to get your panties.
You do not mind? He said, smiling.
I was not against it.
He entered, took off his shoes and immediately took off his turtleneck and jeans.
He was still wearing Yankin panties.
What do you want? – I asked, opening the cabinet.
– Choose! Andrew went to the closet and began to review my panties.
He took each in hand, carefully examined and smelled.
They are clean, – I laughed, – they smell only fabric softener.
But I am still pleased, – he answered.
– They are yours.
Finally he chose.
They were spacious green boxers with a wide gray rubber band.
Come on, change me.
But not immediately, he warned.
Yes, I myself already understood.
I pulled Yankin’s thong off of him, and from myself – his brother’s underpants, quickly put on a condom and, much more rudely

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than yesterday, entered it.
Yes, I caressed him again, but this time I wanted to finish quickly – despite the morning jerkiness, the tension was so great that I wanted to discharge again.
Andrei took his hands back, took me by the ass and seemed to help me hammer it.
I, in turn, began to jerk his cock.
Soon I finished and quickly gave him a quick finish, so that he too would finish.
We fell asleep on my bed.
Alas, and perhaps fortunately, this was our last sex.
Andrei went to college and went to study in another city.
Nevertheless, the impressions of our two-day dating I have remained very bright.
Guys hooted and I stayed in the room myself.
I suggested that you come to me with an overnight stay, so that at least somehow decorate our weekend.

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You agreed and closer to 9 you were already at the door of the hostel.
We launched the movie.
I made you tea shrouded in a blanket, hugged for a split second, hugging me.
After all, it was necessary to warm you up after the cold dampness of the evening city.
Seeing that you had finished your tea, I suggested to go to a warmer place for two, that is, under a blanket.
For how not cool in the room is cool.
Having shifted under the blanket, I wrapped your legs so that you would not catch a cold and he crawled under the blanket immediately pressing you to me.
It was so warm with you (You didn’t see my happy eyes at that moment).
After a few minutes of the film, my hand began to climb up your tummy, simultaneously lifting the blouse in which you were.
But as soon as I almost reached your chest, you stopped me by grabbing my hand.
I realized that I hurried and returned my hand to the previous position, clasping your little fist with my big hand.
After 5 minutes of the film, I was bored lying in vain and I started to run my fingers over my tummy, then I started stroking my legs, you turned over and lay on my back, lifting myself up a little, I continued my modest tenderness, touching my body lightly with fingers from knees to tummy belly tumbled to the other side and continued to rise up to the neck, affecting the chest walked to the other side ran the nails on the arm and then slipped back onto the tummy after passing along the tummy went down to the bottom along the leg to spread he climbed up, walking along the inside of his leg so close to the sap that he felt your light reaction to my actions.
After going through a few such circles, I replaced very light sighs.
Unexpectedly, I kiss you.
After some time you are already lying without a T-shirt, Before me there are 2 majestic hills that I can enjoy indefinitely.
I kiss you in the neck, start to go down to the bottom kissing the breast and sucking nipples, I feel like you get excited, I start to go down the belly playing with the navel below, go down and start kissing the hips and you bend, I take off my panties and you already I myself do not mind.
Your nipples are swollen due to the fact that I looked at you with such a desire, because you yourself want this.
My tongue began to lap up your bud lady! You, clinging to the bed with your hands, enjoyed my oral sex.
Then I turned you to my ass, bent you, so your ass looked up, pulled out the dick and began to drive it over your lips.
You moved your ass towards him, as if you wanted me to put in quickly! Then I spread your legs wider and began to put pressure on tight lips !.
Very quickly your pisechka succumbed to my efforts and now I’m inside! Sex camera free.

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