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I moved into the back seat and got cancer, he smeared my anus and.
he started pushing in, I began to moan from this and soon his eggs touched my crotch, it meant that the male member was completely in my ass, a wild excitement rolled over from this thought, he made several jolts and I could not restrain myself, such an orgasm I was for the first time, my body went limp, I fell on my side, he climbed on top of me and continued to have me, I rolled my eyes and moaned and bit my lips, he soon came out of me and returned to the front seat.
– Suck me more.

I literally crawled right away and eagerly began to suck passionately, soon his groan: – I am ending.
And something thick and viscous began to fill my mouth, I swallowed everything and licked the remnants from his penis, let him out of his mouth, he.
– It was divine.
We smoked, dressed, and he drove me to a stop from where he took me.
PART 2 After the first experience there were a lot of thoughts in my head, some were “FOR” others, on the contrary.
() I didn’t visit the site for about a week, didn’t answer Stas’s calls and soon couldn’t withstand my page.
Stas was online and right there from him the message “Where did you go? I didn’t like it? ”, I answered that I liked it, but still the hunt was something more brutal from him so to speak, he willingly began to discuss this moment and promising to behave this way the next time.
I accepted his proposal for a second meeting.
That time I got ready.
took a shower and secretly from her sister put on her white lace thongs, the time and place were the same.
He arrived as usual on time and I got into the car, he literally shocked me with his own words – You know, I have long dreamed that I would have had a blowjob when I was driving.
And he unbuttoned his pants started.
I leaned under the steering wheel and began to please him, my slates immediately flew off and I got up with cancer on the seat eagerly sucked his hot cock, he also noticed the white lace edges of the panties that had come out from under the shorts.

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– Take off your shorts.
And without taking out his dick, I pulled it off and threw them on the floor, soon he stopped me and

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I looked up and saw that we had come to the embankment, there was not a soul in the circle and he quickly undressed, threw my seat back and climbed on top of me.
putting his hand on my mouth with his hand, with one sharp jolt, he was in me and began to slowly pick up the pace to move in me.
Standing on two hands above me, he began to fuck me.
I groaned through my teeth and squirmed under him and the second time, unable to restrain myself, I groaned sweetly and finished on my stomach, he immediately came out of me and rising above, his penis was in front of my face, I opened my mouth waiting for him to enter, but Stas vzdrochnu several times.
his sperm splashed several times in his mouth and on his face after that he entered my mouth and licked it.
– Well? So do you like it? I’m licking his cum from my lips – Yes.
After that, he drove me home already and we didn’t see him again.
I got for them so many times, no longer counted.
And Oleg likes them, he plays with them when I have it, but I don’t understand how to play with them.
I always criticize him for this, he indulges them, and then they recoup me.
But if Oleg happens not so often, then I have to endure it every day.
I would rather have it all over, I can’t see them, especially when I get the daddy, and they are crying.
– Alo, and Lyuda or Lena on duty today? – I asked, having called the surgery – Now I will call, today Lena – the male voice answered, probably, the patient – Hello Lena, this is Lyokha – I started joyfully – And, hello, hello, something has not been heard for a long time or you have already stopped loving me ? – Lena, the eldest of the sisters of surgery, answered just as cheerfully, and therefore everyone was afraid and respected of her, but we became friends and she probably loved me.
At least, when I was discharged from the hospital, she sometimes called me and inquired about her health.
I was pleased.
We exchanged a couple of courtesies and I asked her for Oleg.
– Is it your true friend, skier? – She asked, remembering that Oleg came to me on a date with ski poles.
– Yes, yes, it is he – and I briefly told what happened to us – Okay, I will find out everything and call you back – I will wait very much – I gladly hung up the phone, hoping to get complete information I sat on the phone not for long.
“Everything is fine with him, a strong injury, hematoma was pumped out, a bandage was applied, there was no need for gypsum, although X-rays do not work, but they will be taken later, and there is nothing for them, the leg is whole. Sexy girl live video chat.

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