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Pulling away from him, I took him by the waist and literally dragged him out of the bathroom.
In the room, on the carpet, I put him on cancer and, without letting my breath out, began to fuck in front of the mirror.
Now I could see his penis and his growing excitement again.

I turned our torsos almost vertically – so now I fucked him “in Greco-Roman.”
All this drove me crazy – and, clutching his end in my hand, I threw him onto the carpet, continuing to passionately hammer his hole.

After ten minutes of this hellish fucking darkness in my eyes and I finished again in Artem.
We fell down on the carpet and tried to catch our breath.
I was so in it – the excitement was so strong that removing it now would be painful.
The heat was just ending, and we could go to the city.
I think after our trip, I can thank Temochka for these moments of paradise.

The bathroom door opened slowly and Katya, agitated, peered out from behind her.
She quickly looked at the corridor, and, not seeing Sasha there, exhaled with relief, and finally left.

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Sasha went to his house so as not to embarrass my girlfriend, and I remained to wait for her.
I didn’t want to dress at all, and there was no one to be shy about me, so I waited, standing in front of the mirror and looking at my figure.
Katya also wrapped herself in the largest towel that she found in the bathroom, but it was enough to cover her breasts and thighs and leave her long, bare legs on view.
She quickly ran to me, took her hand and pulled into my room.
There, she closed the door tightly, sat on the bed, folded her hands on her knees, and rattled: “Anya, I didn’t want to.”
He was so close, and I almost touched him.
And you felt him so much, and you felt him so quickly in front of me.
And I.
I could not help myself, giggled and, having thrown her back on the bed, sat down on top of her and said loudly: – Fool!
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