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It is evident that the penetration of two members immediately gives her great pleasure.
I’m starting to move inside her ass.
Her rectum is hot and slippery, richly oiled with petroleum jelly.

The member plunges into it deeper and deeper, and now I drive him to the very foundation.
Through the thin leather septum, I feel like a huge member of Oleg is moving into the vagina.
This further enhances my feelings.
I continue to violently peck the narrow hole of Olya’s ass.
Olya groans lingeringly.
Her sweat-glittering body twists voluptuously, strung together in two fucking his members.
Our pistons move asynchronously.
Oleg’s member almost comes out, and at this time I am with a force sinking into my butt gently embracing me.
Finally, Oleg does not stand up.
He forces Olenka on his rearing dick.
I feel his dick begin to shrink, pumping it with a powerful stream of sperm.
From this unusual

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sensation, I also can not stand it and finish abundantly in Olya’s ass.
I take out my limp member.
Olya weakened lies on Oleg.
From the opened black hole of her anus, a thin white stream flows my sperm.
Oleg comes out of it.
In this case, her vagina makes a loud smacking sound.
“Suck on us, little lustful bitch,” he orders.
– Come, sit down next to him, he turns to me, pointing to the sofa.
We are sitting on the couch, and Olya, kneeling in front of us, licks the sperm remaining on them from our weary members.
She alternately immerses them in her mouth, sucks, licks and obviously enjoys this process.
In the next hour, we fuck Olga a couple more times.

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Oleg, sitting on the couch, puts her ass on his huge cudgel, and at that time I take her shiny vagina from excitement.
We change a few more poses.
Replacing each other we fuck her in the mouth and ass.
Oleg went to the kitchen and brought another bottle of wine.
We run a recording of our entertainment on the computer today.
We sat and drank wine and watched as we both saw the flexible body of Olino, passionately arched in our close embraces.
Olya and Oleg told me about their sex life.
The fact that they are still coming up to entertain each other.
Then they showed other records of their sexual orgies.
In one, Olya gave herself at once to the 4th guys, who fought her to the fullest in all the cracks.
They even managed in two cocks to fuck her stretched, juicing pussy.
Olya shouted and squirmed in such a way that it was not clear what more in these cries of pain or pleasure.
– It was beautiful, – says Olya.
– By that time, they had already stretched me very well.
We can repeat with you somehow, – she winks at me.
In another film, Oleg had fun in the company of two young girls, who looked like schoolgirls.
The girls enthusiastically played tongues with his huge member.
At the same time, fun cooing, discussing its size and estimating their chances to implant themselves on it with their lustful cracks.
Then the girls licked each other in the pose 69, and Oleg meanwhile penetrated their young, narrow caves, causing lingering cries of pain and pleasure from their chest.
After that, having finished once, Oleg put lustful schoolgirls with cancer so that their asses were near.
The girls fun winked at, in depraved voluptuous anticipation, shaking their small, buttled ass.
Oleg thoroughly smeared their asses with Vaseline, worked on them with his hand, and then began to fuck their little tight holes alternately.
The girls moaned and shouted, having buried their heads in the pile of the carpet.
Creaked teeth, even more sticking out torn ass.
In the end, Oleg finished noisily, flooding the back of one of the little wenches with an endless stream of sperm.
Having looked at porn, I was again excited, and Olya made me tender, the last one for this evening blows.
After that, I went back to my hostel, having agreed with Olya and Oleg, that I would come to them again in the very near future. Adult sex stories online.

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