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I broke the silence: – I think everything is simple, – Tatiana looked up at me, – you need to sleep with a man, and you will understand yourself.
Tatiana, hesitantly replied: – But surely, I think it should work.
It remains only to find a candidate and forward.

The moment came so to speak: – There is nothing to look for, sleep with me.
She just bent her eyes on me and began to gasp for air.

I looked at her, and what did you think a girl, I’m a man in our “overgrown” family, get used to it.
You will manage at work and Julia.
– What you are watching? And

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do not say that you did not think about it.
I promise, everything will pass quickly, so to speak for the purity of the experiment.
And she is silent.
So, as they say, if you can not stop the revolution, you need to lead it.
– when? She asked quietly.
It seems that she really fell in love with Julia, did not even bargain.
And maybe she wanted me for a long time.
Well, nothing, we insert, we will understand.
– Yes, even now, I have half a day free.
What do you have? Tanya climbed into the phone: – So, it will wait, – she flipped through the organizer, – it is possible for tomorrow.

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Ok, now, so now.
– Ladushki, let’s go, – we went to the dressing room.
– And where to? – She has stopped, – not to me, Julia is there.
– Naturally not to you.
Let’s go to us.
There were doubts in Tatyana’s eyes: – And the son? – He is at the training camp, it will not be nearly a week.
Tanka decided: “I don’t like this idea with your house,” but she chewed on her lip, “okay, I don’t want to go to the hotel, really.”
– Julia call, warn that you will be late.
A woman, Tanya (almost her husband), had to call Yulia, a woman (almost wife), to warn her that she would linger on the negotiations.
She grabbed the phone, after waiting for the call, said: – Hello dear, are you with me? – obviously having heard yes, she continued, – how are you, ok? You are such a good girl, I’ll be late today, difficult negotiations.
Prepare something light, ok? I love you too, bye.
He patted his shoulder approvingly and said: “Well done, it’s not for nothing that you hold your position.”
Tatiana nervously shook my hand: – Let’s go already, until I changed my mind.
It was necessary to put a dot: – Well, let’s not go.
She looked at me and with a slight tremor in her voice said: – Mish, push on not a lot, I’m already on pins and needles.
I conciliatingly kissed her on the cheek: – Okay, do not pout, let’s go put up.
She is even trying to smile: – They moved.
Remembering sex with my best friend, and at the same time my wife’s mistress, I always smile silly.
In fact, how it all turned out.
In other circumstances, I would never sleep with Tanya.
She would simply not allow it.
And that day everything happened. Free live sex.

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