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When I finished, I tore off my head from her vagina and met with her eyes with her: it turns out that all this time she was carefully watching my onanism.
Her interested and mocking look that I saw in those seconds I will never forget.
“And you turn out to be a jerkie,” she patted my hair, stretched my legs, took a cigarette and said in an imperious tone, “Give me a cigarette lighter!” I want to smoke.

There was nothing interesting that night: my friend and I put the girls in a taxi and went home.
A feeling of awkwardness did not leave me; I was afraid of another ridicule with a friend.
But they were not.
My thoughts were confused: for some reason, I was drawn to Masha for one reason, and on the other, I wanted to quickly put her in a taxi to never see again.
I would have known then that this was a fateful acquaintance, that this was the birth of a great and strong feeling.
Part 2.
First kiss The second time I saw Masha a week later.
It was in the club “Submarine number 13”, where, in principle, I rarely went.
Smoked underground bunker with poor ventilation, metal dishes, shabby walls, rudely hiding guards, waitresses in underwear uniforms, a shared toilet without constipation and, most importantly, a very motley public.
There were gathered informal people, prostitutes, petty criminal elements, minors, gopniks, and adults, like me.
In short, the best place to find adventure on your ass, where you rest between a blowjob in a dark far corner and showdown in the center of the hall.
And all this under the loud techno, striptease and contests, such as which of the girls will quickly undress or which of the guys will end up faster with the help of the skillful hands of the local waitresses. Hidden cam sex india.

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