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Her soft palm caused incredible feelings that he had never experienced before.
If she could take it in her mouth, Jason thought.
“Yakinta, dear, I would be very pleased if you took my pipisk in my mouth,” he squeezed out, choking with pleasure.

“Ugh, disgusting.
And what does it taste like? “, A girl made a face.
“Try and see.
It’s not at all disgusting, “answered Jason.
Yakinta tilted her pretty face over the dick, and to Jason’s great pleasure, his head disappeared into her little mouth.
Scarlet lips slid down.
But when about 4 centimeters were inside, the girl choked.
“Don’t put so much into your mouth.
You’re still young, “said Jason.
“And keep jerking off.”
Yakint tried again.
Now she took only a head in her mouth.
Sister’s sucking little mouth and her gentle hand gave Jason indescribable pleasure, and soon he felt the approach of an orgasm.
“O-oh, Yakint.
I’ll finish now, baby.
Here, take it! “Jason groaned, feeling the sperm climb up the trunk.
What is he talking about, did not understand Yakint.
What is the “finish”? She did not have to wait long to find out.
Powerful jet of sperm hit her in the throat.
She was so much that the girl choked, and released a member of his mouth.
Muddy seed streams run down her chin.
Jason grabbed his cock and started furiously masturbating.
The second jet hit her sister in the face, sticking her blonde hair to her forehead.
Three more shots copiously covered her cheeks and nose.
Cum dripping from Yakinta’s chin on her nightie and on the bed.
Jason, exhausted, lay back and groaned softly.
Yakinta was still trying to recover from such an unexpected incident.

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She smeared the semen over the skin and swallowed all that was left after the first shot in her mouth.
She had never tried anything like this before, and her little pussy got wet and itched with excitement.
“Thank you very much, Yakint.
I felt so good, “said Jason, pulling his sister to him and kissing her lips, feeling the taste of his own sperm.
Suddenly a light came on in the room.
Mom and Melissa stood near the door.
Both are naked, and their eyes burn with passion and incredible excitement.
Chapter 2
Jason and Yakint were shocked to see the naked mother and Melissa in the doorway.
Yakinta had just sucked her brother for the first time, and his sticky sperm copiously covered her pretty face and dripped from her chin on her airy nightdress.
The strands of her blond hair stuck together and stuck to his forehead with large bunches of Jason sperm.
A member of the boy, covered with sperm mixed with his sister’s saliva, has already begun to fall off after the just tested orgasm.
In a fright, both of them absurdly tried to hide what they were doing by hiding under a blanket that was buried in sperm.
Their mother Robin looked at them and smiled.
She was terribly excited after reading the story of a friend, even though she had an orgasm with the help of Melissa.
Robin was ready to act.
Melissa was excited too.
One kind of sperm-covered big dick Jason made her big nipples tighten.
Both women came to the bed.
“You taught your little sister sex, yes, baby?” Asked Robin, sitting down on the bed next to her son and putting her hand

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on his dick.
A member instinctively jumped under her arm and began to grow in size.
“She: she: she wanted to know how the girls do it with each other, because she heard how you and Melissa do it.
It’s just that everything went too far: “” It’s all right, baby.
You both have a lot to learn.
And I think we will help each other in this, right? “Robin said, starting to cheat her son’s cock.
“Oh, oh, oh, Mel, he has such a big and delicious cock.
I definitely have to try it, “Robin groaned.
Jason groaned with pleasure.
In secret, for a long time, he wanted to fuck his sexy mom, just like boobies Melissa.
It seems that now he will succeed in both.
A member of him has long stood up and was hard as a stone. Live anal play.

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