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And then suddenly in the back hole, in which she still had no one yet, we were joined by Olezhka.
At first, her daughter started and started crying again, but after 5 minutes her anus stretched out enough for the pleasure to overcome the pain.
My son and I began to move members synchronously.

Natasha squirmed on our mighty stakes, feeling the beauty of the “sandwich”.
I sensed how a member of my son was moving in her anus, and I think he also felt mine, we were so excited that the jumper between these two hidden holes was almost erased.
Feeling about 10 minutes later that

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Natasha could finish, we changed.
And then again.
And further.
Finally, we were all unable to endure.
We were shaking, bent, arched.
And most of all, of course, Natasha.
Still, after all she got a double charge of sperm! But nothing lasts forever.
Here we are exhausted, and Natasha went limp.
My son and I continued to kiss her and each other.
Squeezed her ass, and regretted that she still does not have breasts.
But everything is still ahead.
Here only defloration not to make the second time.
Hi guys! Do you know what it is when you wake up at 6 in the morning to work, sleepy eyes, to rise up lazy? Anyway.
Have you ever been relaxed, in these difficult moments, with a good suction? I was lucky here.
Raise the blanket, and then who is there? My hot mom.
All the dick in the drool, she holds her tongue from the bottom up, and her breathing is a little cold.
The lips first kiss the prick and then slide down.
How does it excite: the kind of native mother sucking son’s cock.
I suffered until the last, but I want to go to the toilet.

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I sit on the push, and this bitch continues to suck.
Then continue in the shower.
No matter how cool, but to work is necessary.
Both of us.
Mother works as deputy director of a sports shop.
A man treats her well.
Just such a man he is.
She sometimes lets her go home early, as she did on this day.
He, means, releases it, and we lower it.
Such is the pun.
In short, she was at home for dinner.
I came in the evening at 5.
Father said that his mother, as usual, went shopping with her friends.
Well, we know with you where she really was.
To “the very” barn to go decently.
On the way, I dialed the number of one ebari (he constantly participates), but he did not answer.
Well, we understand with you what he is doing and why he does not pick up the phone.
Dick, I was ready to explode, horror as I wanted to stick it in the mother and drill it until the face does not redden overvoltage.
I had to go into the bushes once and distort.
Thank God the place is not very crowded (I already wrote last time).
Jerking off and imagining how to wash my mother’s face with warm sperm.
The fun was in full swing.
One guy was standing naked on the street and greeted me with a smirk on his face.
– How long? – Well no? – Well, and how is she? – She gave up at once, went to the refusal first, and then her hands.
On the floor, next to the sofa lay the mattress.
Our Shmara was lying on him with her legs up so that one fucked her in her pussy and the other turned around and punched a point.
My mom’s entire crotch was like an ocean in a storm.
The edges of both holes, reddened by the invasion, looked like dried apricots or raisins.
There was a gag in his mouth, or rather just some kind of dirty rag.
I did not hesitate and immediately found my mother’s lips, with smeared lipstick, a use.
I wanted to be vulgar with her, not to feel sorry for her.
Squatting right in front of the nipples, a member abruptly went down the throat.
It seemed it was originally created for the swallowing of manhood.
It is so spacious, warm and cozy.
– “Suck, creature, suck!”, “What do you feel now ?!”, “Why do you realize that you are used as a free whore, that your own son has you ?!”, “Do you feel like a stringy dick picking through your guts ?! ”- My cock’s dick actively bumped into the palate, I wanted more. Live sex cheting.

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