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And in the closet 3 more are the same plus a bottle of tequila.
After lunch I relaxed, with one eye looking at the computer, with the other I looked at Katyusha, who very eroticly applied a transparent shine on her lips.
Fuck, as I wanted to dig into these lips and not let go of this devil, until I otymeyu it to the full! At about 5 o’clock, after drinking the remaining 3 champagnes, Ira, a little flushed and laden with bouquets and gifts, started to go home.

With her on the sly, a couple more people piled out of the room.
We stayed with Katyukha and Natasha, the manager, whom I was ready at this moment to push out with my feet.
But she left only at half past six.
– Sash, are you not going home? We recommend you excellent material on the topic of the story: Sex at work! approx.
– Yes, there is business, – I lied.
From her slight grin, I realized that she did not believe it.
“Why did we forget about tequila?” Katya said sadly.
– Do you love? Let’s open! – I love:, – my baby was embarrassed.
There was no lemon and salt, so we just drank the tequila like vodka, eating the remaining fruit.
Soon Katyusha was already under the shafa, and I am not quite sober.
But something stopped me.
Katya defiliated around the room, drunk her curvaceous hips, for some reason slowed down at the door and went to the window.
– Do you know, Sash, how difficult it is without a peasant: Sometimes I feel somehow not like that: Well, you know, nobody needs me.
I began to like Katyusha’s drunken revelations.
The pants were getting closer.
I got up, but leaned on the table so that the mound would not be so conspicuous.
He crossed his arms and waited for the continuation.
Katya came very close, looked into my eyes almost with prayer, came up close now, leaned her palm on the table with a drunken gesture and clung to me.

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– Kiss Me.
Just a kiss.
No one will ever know.
Something for a whole hesitated in me! I wondered: But, of course, I could not resist and put my lips to this little woman, who was thirsting for male affection.
And then it began: All the hops immediately disappeared from her head and a donkey in mine, I just demolished

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the tower! And she kissed me greedily, greedily and even a little rough.
She used her hands on my body, with the other hand she stroked my prickly cheek.
God, how can you not fuck such a girl for so long! This is a crime against humanity! She stopped for a few seconds to catch her breath, looked into my eyes from under eyebrows and curled cilia and whispered: “Come on.”
– We must close the door.
– I already closed it.
So here, man, get it! You thought you would drink her and fuck her, but she thought it out still earlier, closed the door in advance, played the drunkenly pitiful scene.
Bitch! It just pissed me off and I wound up in a joke.
Sharp movement sat her on the table and spread her legs.
Ebaaaaaaaat when she managed to take off her panties ?? As if she knew in advance how everything would be! And maybe she knew: Sharply entered her with two fingers, she quietly screamed and arched towards me.
Needless to say, she was already wet through and through: I penetrated deep into her hot flesh with my fingers, followed her reaction.
Katya’s breathing became very tight, her heart was pounding like mad.
With her fingers, she kept clutching at my shoulder, which could only mean one thing – a high.
But I also wanted to get high, so I quickly unbuttoned my pants and released my main weapon of battle.
Katyusha did not have to beg for a long time.
She deftly slipped from my fingers and knelt down.
I do not want to brag, but my dick is not at all small, and I was amazed at how this girl easily placed it completely in her mouth.
But it didn’t take me long to worry, as Katya began to create something incredible! She, like a hungry child, who was finally given a bottle, furiously sucked my dick, played with a tongue with a bridle, sucked the head, took him by the cheek: Most of all I was turned on when she occasionally raised her lovely eyes to look at my reaction.
Yes, to see on your knees in front of you a young beauty who, without a twinge of conscience (I generally doubt that Katya has it), sucks you right in the office – it is an incomparable sensation! And soon it made itself felt. Livejasmin free credits no survey.

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