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This small victory gave me inspiration, and the next blow turned out so powerful that Stella suddenly twisted so that she was lying on her side.
She pulled her legs to her stomach, but her arms remained in place.
In this way, she could not stand my pace, trying to give herself a break from the endless pain.

Her distorted face was filled with tears, her eyes were closed, and her teeth were tightly compressed.
I ordered her to return to her previous position, and Stella reluctantly complied, winning no more than ten seconds.

I waited for her long, already lost motionless body to stop convulsing and, unwinding the belt in her hand, again with all her strength pulled them across frantically compressed buttocks.
Stella groaned even more protractively and plaintively, her body twisted again, looking up from the table, and I noticed wet spots of her sweat on its polished surface.
The long stripes on her body gradually faded, merging with each other and painting the entire surface that had been brutally whipped in a pale pink color, and even new tracks did not flare up on her as brightly as before.

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This time Stella returned to her original position faster and without reminders.
I struck the remaining four blows, like a true gourmet, for a long time spinning the strap in my hand and pointing at the bottom of my buttocks, where my skin had already thoroughly swollen.
After each of them, Stella sharply arched in an arc, with a whistle, drawing air through her clenched teeth and throwing her head back so far that she almost touched the crown of her shoulder blades, and took her ripped buttocks from side to side for a long time.
Muffled moans came through convulsively clenched teeth, blood flowed from a previously bitten lip, and her long thin fingers dug into the edge of the table with such force that I was afraid for its integrity.
Sex and the city movie stream online.

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