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In general, they talked for a long time about tonight, but from the conversation I realized that I would not be the only one who would be pulled today.
Finally we arrived at the house.
We went to the room where the sauna was located, there was a large table filled with snacks and strong drinks, at which 3 more men were already sitting in bath robes, a billiard table was located next to it, and there was a sauna and a mini-pool next to it.

I stripped to the goal and wanted to sit at the table, but the owner said that I could not go there and told me to sit on a bench in the corner.
I glanced at the shop and saw two guys about my age there.
I sat down with them, one had traces of sperm on his face, and the second one was not yet involved.
Having a little chatting with them, I realized that one of the guys met one of the men sitting at the table on an Internet and is here of his own free will, but the second one, with sperm on his face, something like me, also caught something, the difference was that he would have almost the first experience today.
After some time, we all went to the sauna, and from there to the pool, and so on in a circle.
I already started to think, and they are going to fuck us in general, but I, having run out in a sauna in plenty, went from there and wanted to jump into the pool, but I saw a picture of a guy who was here at will, his name was Max, sucking my to the owner, there was another man standing next to me, and seeing me winked at me, I understood what to do, and now I was squatting and feeling a new member in my mouth.
After the rest were tightened, and I, in turn, brought everyone pleasure.
But one thing scared me, one of them had a big fat dick, I barely stuffed it in my mouth, but I couldn’t imagine what would happen to my ass, because the host member wasn’t compared to him.

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After a light blowjob, we all went through a room with a billiard, and then I saw how Max had already rested on the billiard table and leaned over and had to be shoved.
I really did not want to start with that size, so I flew up to one of the men who was sitting on the bench, licked a couple of times and setting the member in readiness, I substituted my ass.
The guy was delighted with this: “what a slut, ass wants a dick?” I started to sit on top, while an inexperienced guy was tearing his ass.
Everything was not bad, but Max got a call at the pipe, something happened to him there, in general, he had to leave, and since the second guy after the first lesson of anal sex was already powerless and almost useless, then I was alone for 6 men.
We took a break and went back to the sauna, and then to the pool.
In the pool the owner came up to me and with the phrase “I have long wanted to try an underwater blowjob with you,” put me under the water.
It was terribly uncomfortable and I was constantly choking.
After a short blowjob, the host pressed me to the side and holding me in the water, began to have me.
The others liked this and in this position I spent about 10 minutes, until everyone piped me.
When I got out of the pool, my legs were already buckling, and I didn’t have to walk for a long time, one of them dropped me on my knees and not much patted a member down my face, after which I was carrying my cock for a long time.
One of them proposed to continue on the billiard table.
I climbed onto a pool table and became a cancer there, waiting for a dick in my ass, but instead I felt a cue.
After a bit of mockery, they continued on to me, one began to poke a member in my butt, and another shoved me in the mouth, after a while they took turns.
After about 20 minutes I couldn’t stand on my knees, but just lay on my stomach, practically not feeling how a member walked in my ass, I couldn’t suck anymore either, I only had to open my mouth.

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My face and ass were streaked with sperm.
And at the end I heard the salutary “well, it’s time to get together” The time was already 4 am.
I washed as much as I could, got dressed and we drove back with the same train.
I was taken to the house, I got out of the car and heard from the owner that we could meet with him tonight.
In the middle of the night my wife and I were woken by a doorbell.
Throwing on a robe, I went to open.
Behind the door were two men.
forgot, sorry how are you.
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