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Having led her into the office, Rudolf Petrovich closed the door on the lock and led Nadya to the table.
She looked at him imploringly, sobbing and could not say anything.
Rudolf Petrovich put his arm around her shoulders and began gently stroking her back, trying to calm Nadia, Nadia stopped crying, but suddenly felt that Rudik stroked her not only on the back, he held her ass and tried to push her buttocks apart.

Nadia tried to escape, but he pressed her to the table, took her hands by the neck and laid her stomach on the table.
Don’t wriggle out baby, let me.
I have long dreamed about it.
don’t be afraid, I quickly – he whispered intermittently and Nadia felt his dick fall out of his trousers and put his finger on her ass, Rudik began to slowly drive his head over her ass enjoying her and not believing his happiness.
Before him lay a naked student on the table and he would fuck her now, no, it was a dream.
And once a dream, he again sharply pulled her neck and put on her knees.
Nadia did not resist and obediently took a member in her mouth.
He was sluggish and Nade was worth a lot of effort to bring him into martial law.
She licked him, sucked, bit, nadrachival hand, finally he hardened and was ready for battle.
Rudik was in seventh heaven with happiness, he had not yet had such a diligent student.

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He took her hair, pulled it and put it on his stomach again.
And now in the ass – and he stuck a member that was slippery from the Nadins in her ass, he didn’t enter right away, he was at first hurt, but Nadya was also hurt, but she lay unmoved and was afraid that the member would fall and this process would drag on forever.
She even put her hand between her legs and tickled Rudik’s eggs to make him more pleasant.
But she was in vain, slightly moving and rumbling Rudik quickly finished and his cock was completely blown away.
But Nadia still held his balls hoping that she would enjoy her too.
But Rudik pulled away from her, fastened his fly and said: “Everything, consider that you have passed the exam,” Nadia, still lying exhausted on the table, suddenly roused herself and shouted: “But you don’t lead anything here?” – and again tried to grab Rudik by the member.
Yes? Well then, just thank you, – Rudik said by removing her hand and left the door.
And at that moment, her beloved Anya came to the pulpit, Nadya rushed to her, tightly pressed and burst into tears.
She again felt well in her tight embrace, and told all that had happened to her about the door, and about Alina and Rudik.
Anya listened with an impenetrable face.
When the sobs and sobs were over, she just said through clenched teeth: Well, we’ll do the old SS man later, and now we will fuck this red creature.
And she lovingly looked at her beloved moth, who was so offended by these cattle.
My mother worked in the clinic, was a general

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She was then 32 years old.
She is a very beautiful woman, with a very slim figure, and breasts 3 sizes.
I must immediately say that the relationship between mother and father did not work out, and he left us when I was 2 years old.
She raised me alone, did not bring men into the house, and if she had someone she had, she carefully hid it, although I think that she still had a lot of fans. Turkish sex webcam.

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