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However, they stood side by side, against each other.
As you say, Pavel Andreevich, – Lyuba timidly answered.
With him she was completely different – timid and modest, even obedient.

And where did all the pride and ambition of the impregnable queen go? She suddenly hugged him by his narrow, stooped shoulders and kissed him.
As if the two petals of a rose had her lips slid over his yellow cheek, but he slightly eagerly pushed her away.
Time, Lyuba, time, he said.
Turning her back to himself, he gently laid her breast on the table for dressings.
Gosha! – I thought – what will happen next? – still could not believe that this would happen right here and now in front of my eyes.
And Lyuba was already standing with his back, meekly lifting her ass and legs apart.
Turning slightly, she looked up at him, waiting for her fate.
And he rather unceremoniously threw the hem of a white robe on

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her back.
I tried not to breathe, but it was very difficult to do – my heart was pounding as if a thousand birds were beating in it! The girl of my dreams, the princess of my dreams – here you are, it turns out, what.
Through the window, I could see her beautiful body: wide hips, lush, rounded and very beautiful ass, tightly covered with white panties.
Pavel Andreevich unceremoniously pulled them down.
It hurts, it is scary and very disappointing when a girl, even if not yours, but about whom you dream, is eagerly used by another person in your eyes, and such a disgusting one! It is clear that she is not with him for love, but then for what? Chief? Hidden women’s thrill in front of a strong man? He moved in her sharp, but short shocks, making her ass gently shudder, and her legs were bending slightly.

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From each strong push she moaned slightly, but the strong walls, covered with thick tiles right up to the ceiling, did not let the sound out.
Lyuba rolled her eyes slightly, biting her lower lip.
Sweat appeared on her face, her hair stuck together on her forehead, the smoked robe crumpled.
With thin fingers with bright rings, she struggled to squeeze the dressing table, which all creaked and sagged from what was done on it.
Poor you are mine, I whispered.
I felt genuinely sorry for her.
It is against her own will that she bends like that now under this old goat! Soon, the head physician was filled with plenty of her body, pulled a member out of her and turned her face to him again.
As soon as she looked into his eyes, she obediently knelt down and, having intercepted his old wrinkled member with her mouth, began to lick him.
Well, this is too much! Suck off that old freak? I wanted to run out of the warehouse and smash his head with something very heavy, such as a medical hammer for breaking bones.
But then.
I would inevitably be waited by the army, and I restrained myself.
And she eagerly drove delicate lips over his penis and caressing him along the entire length with an elegant hand with long mother-of-pearl claws, brought the chief physician to orgasm.
Finally, a deep sigh escaped from the old man’s chest, like a crying, he rolled his eyes.
On his face, an expression of bliss appeared.
Lyuba quickly drank his sperm, then slowly and carefully straightened.
Even through the muddy glass, I saw how she could hardly hold back gagging and frowning.
However, she did not dare spit it out at him.
Meanwhile, the head doctor carefully washed his hands with soap (sissy!), Buttoned his pants and straightened his tie.
Look, don’t be late tomorrow, ”he said wearily, shook his head strangely and left.
For a while Lyuba still remained in the dressing room. Watch movie sex scenes online.

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