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The desire to have real, real sex with a real person was enormous.
However, I beg you, do not be disappointed in me, but I did not do that.
I was afraid of the consequences, for it went too far.

A little later, when I was fifteen, I met a pretty black-haired girl named Natasha.
We spent a lot of time together, talked a lot, and gradually we went out on the same wave with her.
I was fine with her.
At that time, Andryukha was my only true friend, although I did not even tell him my secrets.
Natasha became for me a new best friend.
I really wanted to tell her everything.
I dreamed that she would understand and not condemn.
In one of my fantasies, I confess to Natasha about everything, she responds with understanding.
We marry with her, we live together – I, mother and Natasha, and have sex all together.
Natasha and I are under twenty, we live like a real family, and I make money for all of us.
Mom is already in the forties, the age that excites me the most.
Then mom gets pregnant from me.
Her stomach grows and she becomes terribly sexually hungry, so Natasha and I are forced to spend all our free time on both sides.

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Then we swear to each other that we will have sex with the child every day and bring up a real sex machine out of it, and in this place I get an orgasm, and I enlist the fantasy in the category of the best.
After reading them, I explained how I took these pictures.
I didn’t talk about how Vika buys the photos.
We did not even hear her return.
The pictures were still on the screen when Vika in a swimsuit entered the kitchen and noticed them.
“I knew that you would tell everything,” she said, surprisingly miserably, “she’s taking me to group sex.
In order to completely surprise my friends, I went to my cousin and unceremoniously unbuttoned the bikini top.
Swimsuit crawled, exposing her

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beautiful breasts.
Vika didn’t even try to hide behind, standing up, hands down.
Having played it with my papillae, I sat down again, leaving it in a public review.
Dimon and Vovik, not understanding anything, gazed at the show arranged for them.
– Are you ready to serve us? – I asked.
Vika nodded silently, knowing perfectly well what was meant.
“Then why are you still here?” Go undress, ”I said in an orderly tone, and then quietly, only for Vicki,“ I bought what you asked for. ”
Look at your nightstand.
“Thank you for your concern, you are a real gentleman,” she hissed with doomed sarcasm as she passed by.
“Take a seat quickly in the room,” I added, referring to the friends, watching the cousin sneak up to her and quickly returned, wiping the fingers of her right hand, it means that the contraceptive pill was already in it.
Well done, quickly orientated.
Vovka and Dima did not have to ask twice.
They jumped on the sofa, waiting for the continuation. Webcam russian anal.

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