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She, hesitating, looked at him, but then she got down, gasped, pricked her bare feet, and looked at him again.
Dave held her hand.
Come on, come on girl.

Do your business.
Turn away.
– Rachel asked plaintively, but Dave cruelly looked at her, and she sat down, bursting with shame, spread her legs and let out a long jet,

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rustling in the dust.
The moon covered everything perfectly.
Dave was looking right there – and he saw silver urine flowing from the open shell, like rainwater from a bud.
He has never seen women do this, and his head has darkened.
A member of his even limp from the tension, as it happens, if you want a long and hard.
He pulled a rag out of his bag, and he gave it to Rachel: Wipe it thoroughly there, or he would rub it.
Rachel wiped the house, looking plaintively at him; He hoisted her, and they drove on.
They did not speak, realizing that both are on the verge.
Soon the cabra Blanca barracks appeared, and Dave, driving up to the shed, jumped off, helped Rachel to get off and sullenly told her: Stay here and do not go anywhere.
I’ll go to the old Julio, dragged from him to drink, eat – we had such a persuasion.
better that he doesn’t see you, okay? He left, and Rachel was left alone.
The moon flooded her naked body so that it glowed like a firefly, and Rachel seemed to herself twice as hard as she was.
Her nakedness screamed at her, hitting her brain with a chilly wave.
The stop after the jump tormented painfully; I wanted to twitch, bend, roll in the dust – but Rachel could not overcome the constraint and froze like a real statue.
Nevada night trembled with her, flashing sparks of falling stars, fireflies and silver wormwood.
From the ground to the stars rang echoing, bottomless silence, filled with the screeching of cicadas, the rustling of wind, sand, and God knows what.
Dave is back soon.

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He was animated, joking with Rachel, and dismal tension dissipated.
Tying the horse, he led her to the barn, spread a cape on the soft sand, looked at the floor, walls and ceiling with a candlestick, searching for poisonous spiders, and proceeded with Rachel to dinner.
A candle was burning, snatching out Rachel’s sharp nipples, her dark eyes and the rough skin texture, tied with mud.
She was reclining on her side, sliding her legs.
Dave asked her to tell about her books, and Rachel began to retell his favorite Romeo and Juliet story to him.
She got carried away and forgot about the food, but after a while her speech began to get confused, her lips softened – and soon Rachel fell asleep in mid-sentence, with half-eaten ham in her mouth.
Dave moved away from her to the opposite corner of the barn, perched there, leaning against the wall, pulled his hat over his forehead – and froze.
(To be continued)
Spring has come.
Irina has been working in the clinic for two months.
The woman lost count of how many customers they milked and mated.
Animal, earning a car Olga, the mistress of her husband.
Olesya is already a year and three months old.
But to the surprise of Irina, there was still a lot of milk.
Maybe you will always be milked? – Igor laughed.
Irina herself wanted it to be true.
Olga has changed a little.
She humiliated Irina at every opportunity.
More and more tried to be with Igor.
Irina increasingly began to feel superfluous in their triangle.
I am a Cow, and Olga is a woman – she repeated to herself – Igor needs a woman, therefore he is more often with Olga.
And yet, Irina knew that Igor was only her man.
In those rare moments of their closeness, when Olga allowed, the woman felt very happy.
On March 8, Igor gave his wife a gold ring.
Irina was again convinced who she is.
Olga, on March 8, Igor bought a set of expensive beautiful underwear.
Before giving a gift to his mistress, Igor showed his wife.
Look what I will take off from her – Igor smiled.
The woman bit her lip.
Igor also liked to humiliate her.
Olga also prepared a gift for Irina.
The two of them went to the sex shop, where a friend ordered to choose a rubber dildo.
But I already have such toys – Irina was surprised.
This one will be special – a friend smiled slyly.
Irina chose medium size blue.
The next day at the clinic, Olga got a dildo out of her purse.
Meet – she held out a toy.
Irina took her in hand.
On the left was the inscription “bull”, on the other hand was the second inscription “1481”.
What does it mean? – did not understand Irina.
This is your personal “bull” – Olga smiled – belongs to me, and you to him.
Like this? When I want, he has fun with you.
I will want two times to finish, finish twice.
Irina closed her eyes. Webcams arab sex.

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