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Price perfectlaura livejasmin. ”- I thought.
In fact, everything was happening fairly quickly.
After a couple of seconds of close inspection, she recognized me and, calling by name, rushed into my arms.
Not to say that we could ever have any chance of becoming a couple, but, nevertheless, we were warm to each other.

She always had a certain gentleman, well, I met with his ex.
“I didn’t know you were such a bomb!” – hugging her, I said suddenly.

– It turned out great.
Karina blushed.
Beggar’s favorite phrases began: “Oh well! Tell me too! You flatter me, ”but in her weak eyes it was evident that she was pleased.
Perhaps not many men told her that in the face like that, but she was really confused.
Controlling herself, she suggested that I sit down.
Then drink.
I have not refused.
We hit the whiskey and, after a couple of glasses, we returned to our former condition, where we were in the kitchen.
We all discussed the institute time, recalled fellow students who became whom.
It’s funny, only a year has passed, and we were ready for such conversations.

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Alcohol struck the head well, because we did not notice how the bottle of whiskey ended without a trace.
Meanwhile, we were sitting on the couch and cooing nicely.
She put her head on my shoulder, I – my hand on her naked knee.
The conversation was about nothing.
Simple word typing.
My palm slid down, the brain could not give birth to intelligent sayings to support further.
But what can we say: he could not connect two words, because all thoughts were far from clever.
Critically base.
Exceptionally vulgar.
– I want you! – suddenly said my lips.
Karina seemed sober so quickly, raised her eyes to me.
However, when I kissed her, she did not resist.
My playful hands immediately occupied all her erogenous zones.
Yes, so powerfully that she, like the victim, capitulated into my arms.
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