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For a moment, Zinaida suddenly felt that her head was pressed against her groin, and she was forced to go down onto her penis deeper and deeper.
Zinaida frightenedly looked at her son, and came

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across his piercing gaze: he was already awake and looked at her point-blank.
The feeling of unbearable shame suddenly seized her, and she wanted to step back, but Sasha firmly held her head in his hands, moving her hips towards.

Zina had no choice but to swallow his penis completely – she no longer controlled the process.
Finally, Sashka loosened his grip, and Zinaida, freeing herself, lay down beside her and moved closer to his face.
She began to cover him with hot kisses, continuing to caress his flesh with her hand.
– My boy, forgive me! I myself do not know what came over me! I want you to feel good! Do not be sad and do not worry – everything will be in order! Mom will take care of you! Everything with you and I will be great! I want to.
Alexander put Zina on himself and closed her mouth with a kiss.
His strong hands stroked her under her robe, feeling every fold of her native body.
Zinaida responded to Sasha’s hot kisses, clasping his head with her hands.
His excited organ moved between her closed legs, inexorably punching his way to the most intimate.
Zinaida flowed abundantly, but kept her last strength.
Her subconscious mind told her that this should not be allowed in any case.
But her body reacted differently.
It seemed to live its life, greedily absorbing every touch of male flesh.
“Don’t, Sasha, stop it,” Zynaida whispered in the short breaks between kisses, unwittingly responding with hips to the caress of her son, “this is impossible.”
It is not right.
Let me go, Sasha, give me a tear from you.
Alexander suddenly arched, holding Zinaida with her hands on the buttocks, her legs parted to the side, and the guy’s cock poked into the mother’s bosom.

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Zina froze for a moment, then slowly planted a vagina running out of desire to its full length.
She exhaled with a groan, and hid her face on her son’s chest.
“What are we doing with you, son,” she whispered, barely audible, and licked her nipple on his hairy chest.
Then she kissed her son with a long kiss on the lips, and she invoked her hips invitingly.
Alexander firmly embraced her hands and earned a pelvis, quickly increasing the pace.
Zinaida groaned and bent her whole body, straightening her arms.
Her full breasts swayed rhythmically in front of Alexander, and he raised his head and dug a passionate kiss on the swollen nipple.
“Yes, Sasha, suck my breasts, as before,” Zinaida gently cooed, moving her hips towards powerful blows that deeply pierced her nature, “although there is no milk in her, but she is still full of love for you, son!” Zinaida straightened up and with an impatient movement threw off her robe.
Her slim naked body, bathed in a man’s caress, was beautiful.
She stretched languidly and bent back, her hands resting on her son’s legs.
Her thighs opened wide, and she saw with what lust Sasha watches his cock dive into her womb.
This brought her even more, and she bit her lip and began to caress her clit with her fingers.
“Everything is back to normal,” Zinaida whispered, sitting down with pleasure on her son’s member, “I feel you, Sasha.”
We are back to basics.
We are together again! Alexander suddenly slipped out of her mother’s lap, quickly stood up in front of the sofa, and turned Zinaida back to herself, tilting her head on the pillow.
“It was your father’s favorite pose,” Zinaida thought, smiling, and made herself comfortable, spreading her legs wide and bending down to meet her son.
He began to drive his head along Zinaida’s crotch, which was red with excitement.
Black hair, framing swollen labia, was wet with heavy discharge.
Zina impatiently moved her hips, catching every touch of a member of his hot crotch.
– Take me, Sasha, – Zinaida turned her head, and looked her son in the eyes, – we need it.
Both, ”she added, and bent even more.
Alexander with force drove the flared member into the womb, and began to rhythmically move his hips, plunging it to its full length.
Zinaida moaned with each blow, and moved towards him.
Time stopped for them, and there was only the sensation of flight, where the bodies merge together into a single whole.
Alexander pierced Zinaida with such force and depth that she opened her cervix to her, forcing her to shrink from unbearable pleasure.
The muscles on his buttocks were stretched to the limit.
Zinaida already screamed incessantly, sitting down on the penis so deeply that she felt the slap of the scrotum slapping each time the powerful organ of her son was struck.
– Yes, Sasha! Angelochek bongacams.

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