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Bongacams malinka.
there was only a metal door behind me, he said that I would get settled, I lay down on the bed, staring playfully at him, but he didn’t react like that, after which he walked out quickly, I didn’t understand what was going on, came up, knocking on the door, then she screamed that it was not funny for me, calming down, I lay down on the bed and thought that they were getting ready, but I lay so tired, and just wanting to get up to knock again, I saw that the door was opening, and I saw that three strong men in masks had come.
scared, started asking who are you? what’s happening? one of them took me by the throat and said that I would be silent, I did not understand what had happened, I started to say that they would let me go, but as if he got mad, took my hair and dragged me to the bondage gallows, and with my attempts to get out and run senseless, he chained my hands, and I hung over the floor, swaying, I screamed that there were strength, but he came up sticking the ball in my mouth and buttoning up the gag, holding the dress up to my chest, did not stand on ceremony, and then chained around legs, and after a minute, I felt a whip pass through my delicate ass.

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He beat her many times, I screamed through the gag, tears flowed, I could not help but say, I thought that they would calm down and let me go home.

Then he stopped, bypassing me, he stood in front of me, saw tears flow from me, called for the second, they filmed everything that was happening, from my mouth drained over my chin, dropping to the floor and my chest, my butt was burning, then he said that if I will not do what he said, or kicking resisting, or not answering questions, then they will repeat.
I shook my head showing that I agree and I will obey and do everything as it says, my thoughts were on the bottom to get out, to stop.
They unfastened me by putting a camera on a tripod, and they put me by the hair to the camera and sat me down, lowered the gag that hung around my neck, I leaned against the floor, felt how cool it helped a little and relieved my pope, they started behind the camera, and started ask questions what my name is, what height, weight, breast size, about family, if I slept with others, with how many, why I did the piercing, show them his place, where I live, what phone number, where I work.

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Bongacams malinka.

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