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Do not torture yourself like that.
It is harmful.
– And now I want! – unexpectedly rude, but with a note of request, I squeeze.

– Yes.
Of course, she agrees, but I can’t give it to you! I am your mother and you can’t do that.
This is incest! – And why, – playing the fool, I answer, – you can spy on it? – Well, you are an adult and you understand.
I accidentally saw.
Realizing that I would not break off, I begin to get angry: – Blah, blah, blah.
Words words words.
– hinting at this episode, I say bitterly, – with a goat, a boss, yes! And I’m on the side.
Her face went blotched and she turned red like a cancer.
“Then I had no choice, and I had to support you.”
She whispers, confused.
And you just yelled at the “insult” to the whole apartment, – for some reason I say, feeling that this is rude and superfluous.
“You heard me,” she began to get angry, “you yourself will be in this situation, you will understand.”
It’s hard for me, but my own son reproaches.
I did this for you and your daughter! – she tries to convince not so much me, but rather herself.
“Then why not do it now?” Only for me? -.
– she looks at me with a dead look, tears flowed from her eyes, – and you become a bastard! Seryozha! I’m your mom! – Yeah.
– I growled, – that’s just you do not want to help.
She clenched her teeth so that her face began to play with nicks.
The conversation is over! Consider that he was not there, and turning around sharply, she left the room.

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I sat in the room until breakfast, realizing that I was wrong in talking in this way.
But she herself started the conversation, and I just developed the topic.
Then Galya came to me and called me to eat.
When I sat down at the table and looked at my mother, she did not look away.
Her face was kind of thoughtful and quiet.
They talked during the meal, and my sister showed that she would visit me in the evening.
And then she added: – I probably will not come overnight.
“And there you are,” my mother put in melancholically.
– And what Serega same night goes? – Galya became interested.
“Probably,” she said.
– Yes, I’m not going anywhere! I will sit at home! I have nowhere to go.
– I began to wind up again.
– That’s fine.
And then I thought one would have to celebrate the holiday.
– Mom was delighted.
My sister looked at her mother suspiciously and, snorting, went into the room.
She returned a minute later, carrying our gift.
Recalling the morning incident, I quickly, while it was not yet opened, said: It was her idea, I only worked as a porter.
We took turns to come and kiss the mother on the cheek, and she began to open the package.
When the package was removed, three boxes with colorful pictures emerged from it, making items of underwear for women.
A cry of delight and my ladies disappeared to try on new clothes for my mother, and

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I remained on duty in the kitchen.
Tacking everything, again went to his room.
I was sitting, playing the old version of the Duma, “urine evil” as soon as possible.
A sister looked a couple of times, and then her mother came in.
She asked: – Do you mind if I invite Christina in the evening? She has nowhere else to go.
“Yeah, invite me,” without listening to the question, I nodded.
“Then we should go to the store, and thanks for the gift,” she came over and kissed my cheek, “let’s get ready and go.”
There on the table is a note of what to buy and money.
I’m at the hairdresser.
Then Galya came in again: – If you want, come with me, you seem to have a falling out with Lenka.
And right! She’s not a couple to you.
– Yes, I know, – I waved my hand, – at first it fucks like a cat.
– And not with you alone! Erica campbell virtual sex.

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