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Not a single muscle flinched on his face.
– Yes, my sister.

The wife of the legate Quint Lentuly.
– But how so? – stammered, Julia murmured.
– We agreed with you.
With you, Sylvia.
How is it that your sister is here instead of you? – Tell her, Sabina ?! – Sylvia shouted sharply, clutching small fists.
“Tell me how you sent the killers to me!” Tell

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me how you hate me! – I hate it! – Sabina hissed, jumping up from the bed.
– I hate you, you’re a little lying bitch! Sama, tell me, what are you doing here? Why come here? “Julia is my friend,” Sylvia shouted.
– And our affairs do not concern you! -.
Bitch damn! I know your business! You are here to satisfy your lust, hypocrite! I would see you father! And this he always put you in my example? Look at Sabina, how clean, how noble your sister is! So he said! Look at you now, slut! – And you on yourself! Would your father see you now! Wipe your lips though! From you flows like from a soldier’s whore! – Is that so ?! – Sabina soared.
– Yes, at least I am honest with myself.
I do not make myself innocent and do not hide behind false piety! – I do not care who you lie under and for whom you spread your legs! – screeched in rage Sylvia.

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“Why are you sending killers to me?” Decided to get rid of me and get Elatia? You will not get it! He is already mine! – You lie! – Sabina cried and the blood drained from her face.
– Lying, damn bitch! “Not even an hour had passed before we joined,” Sylvia laughed.
– His seed has not yet absorbed me.
Maybe you want to take a look? – You trash! Bitch! Sabina wanted to throw herself at her sister, but at the sign of Julia, the black slaves grabbed a furious woman and dragged her to the opposite part of the room.
– Let me go, brutes! Dirty bastards! – screamed Sabina, desperately kicking and wriggling with his whole body.
– I will order you crucify! Her large breasts dangled back and forth, her eyes glittering among wild hair with wild animal malice.
– Come, come here! Screamed Sylvia.
– Maybe you will come out better than your killers? Or maybe I will rip out your snake heart! She suddenly turned to Elatia, impetuously grabbed his arm.
The young Roman woman’s cheeks were burning, her eyes were burning like burning embers.
– Elaty, kill her! Kill Sabina! Cut this schlyuha into pieces! Samnite stared at Sylvia in amazement.
Did these words fall from her lips? Now she was strikingly different from the girl he knew, whose voice stopped his hand, which was ready to slowly and with pleasure kill Punna.
Is that quiet, tender, like a beautiful flower he loved in an abandoned temple? – Hey, wait! – Julia cried, standing between the sisters.
– In my house, blood will not spill.
I will not allow this! – She needs to finish off! – did not let up Sylvia.
– You’re my friend! Free chaturbate live chat.

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