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My hand, sliding down the stomach, squeezed in her palm her smooth shaved pubis, along with the clitoris and part of the lips.
“Oh,” came the response, and her back arched up, lifting her ass up.
“Relax and enjoy,” I added, seeing her reaction, “you like it!” “No,” she answered in a whisper, beginning to podmahivat.

Another pair of energetic frictions such that the head of the penis reaches the uterus.
And here that roundish subject on which I fell a back comes across my eyes.
A simple plastic dildo, made in the form of a cylinder with a rounded end.
No frills as a copy of the penis and testicles.
At the next pitching, I pick it up and, after losing it, I drive it into the ass that is stinging from the blows.
– Not! – now Christine is screaming.
– “It’s late, my friend, it’s late!” – I whisper a phrase from a joke, – “why drink narzan, if the liver is dead!”.
– Take it away! She asks.
But I am inexorable.
Putting a blunt end in the stomach, and holding it, I came with a new force.
Now two members sink into it: mine and artificial.
Through the soft partition I feel how they rub against each other there, inside.
Groans, ooh, and.
oddly enough the squirming of the thighs give out Christina “with a head.”
– Well, you love so much! – stating a fact.
– Yes! She suddenly starts moaning at the top of her lungs.
“Then let’s do it differently,” I decide.
Dildo flies to the side, and I, leaving the pussy alone, put the phallus on the sphincter and easily slip inside.

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And again the soul flew to paradise! Loud moans, she twists her ass, like a propeller taking my organ inside.
Several energetic butts and now I pour out the sperm, filling her gut.
Despite the rapid ejaculation, I continue to play it in the ass.
In a minute she ends too.
Spasms squeeze the penis, trying to push him out.
The groans pass into one long cry, and she tries to crawl away from my movements forward on my stomach.
When we moved from the position in the stalls to the position, lying down I did not notice.
I grab Christina by the shoulders, not letting her get off her penis, and continue to drill her “on black”.
A few more minutes,

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and finish the second time.
And again something is pouring out there.
The sphincter around the penis is smeared with sperm, and it squishes with every movement.
I stop and throw off hard to the side, lying on my back.
Roast Christine lies next to me.
Mascara flowed dirty black smudges, lipstick smeared, hair tousled.
Looking in the face, I ask: – Well, my dear, did you like it? -.
– she sobs.
– Next time it will be better! – I promise.
– I am your mother, bitch, I’ll kill you! Virgin he! Help Krista! – she shouts to my face, splashing saliva.
Without a beat I beat her on the cheek.
Head twitches.
– Shut up! Enjoyed and rejoice.
I get up hard, and without picking up clothes, I go into the bath and get up under the shower.
Hot water washes away fatigue and dirt.
After standing in the shower, carefully wash and go for clothes.
Christine is still lying on the bed, just turned on her back.
– Go take a shower.
She gets up and, moving her legs hard, walks into the shower.
Each step is announced by smacking, and dirty sperm is flowing on the inner sides of the hips.
When she passes me, from the heart I slap her on the buttock, lighting another red trail.
Christina twitched, squinting at me, but she was silent and left the room.
After battle”.
When the mother returned, Christine, already tidied up everything, and we drank coffee.
Her face was still crimson, but she was looking at me normally.
– Well, how are you? Free online movies on sex.

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