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Kohl thought that Marina and Natasha only do this all day long – they give children enemas.
Just look, Natashka, how reddened! – Marina smiled, having lifted bare feet in front of her boy, – Such you, Dima, shy! Have you ever been given an enema? Of course, at nine years old, I’m already shy, ”Natasha laughed, neatly covering the small hole between the baby’s buttocks with Vaseline.
Sveta and Ksyusha easily raised Kohl to the changing table.

Immediately putting the boy on his back, Ksyusha quickly pulled off his pantyhose.
Sveta, meanwhile, brought gauze and an enamel pot for children.
Just in case, ”she said to Ksyusha with a sly grin and both giggled softly.
Can I borrow a baby cream from you? – turned Ksyusha on procedural nurses. Hidden cam reality sex.

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