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However, for Sylvia,

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this was nothing unusual.
It became clear to me that she had already spent such evenings in the company of my friend.
When we drank some more wonderful wine.

Karl suggested swapping pairs.
From the glance that was thrown at him at this moment from under Sylvia’s lowered eyelashes, I realized that she really wanted this.
To tell the truth, by the tone of the moment of our orgy I was already quite filled with sexual experiences and tired of using it.
However, there was nothing to do.
Korina and I got up to go to another room, and then Karl suggested that we stay and give love to the four of us.
He’s good at it, he drank a whole gallon from me.
And the rest of you have already received from Carl. ”
Corina looked at me invitingly, spreading her slender legs wide apart, and I stuck my face into the crimson-red sticky crotch of a recently ending woman.
I was not particularly pleased to lick after Karl, but the sight of the twisted parted lips of the lips almost immediately re-energized me.
Korina moaned and squirmed sweetly as my tongue penetrated her deeper.
Karl meanwhile took Sylvia through the anus.
I saw her vskidyvaetsya and screaming first from the pain, when the swollen head of the penis, tearing the anus, slowly enters the rectum; and then from pleasure.

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While Sylvia was frantically screaming at the room, jerking with her huge ass on a deeply put cock, Korina and I had time to cum several times – she’s in my mouth, and I, helping myself with our hands, onto the sofa.
Then we broke away from each other and just watched how indefatigable Karl made Sylvia do him a blowjob.
When he pulled it into her mouth, there was so much seed that the woman could not hold her whole lips.
Sylvia was silent, licking her wet lips.
Card gave her another slap in the face: “Crawl ^ lick off the floor.”
Sylvia laid down her breasts and stomach on the floor and gently with her tongue licked off the drops of the sperm dropped by her.
That evening, we drove the women home, and then Karl said goodbye to me at the North Station.
I was very uncomfortable.
I felt guilty before my wife for treason.
I was ashamed to realize that now I, having drunk the juice of two unfamiliar girls, will go to Jessica in our marital bed.
It’s one thing to know something from the stories, guess something from fragmentary memories and Karl’s reasoning, and quite another to see it with your own eyes.
See how Carl really behaves with women, how he treats them – for me it was painful.
I am not at all so educated, I do not feel the relationship between a man and a woman.
I am a peaceful person.
I do not like it when someone is so contemptuously trained and humiliated.
I spent the next day with Jessica – it was a day off.
I was rather depressed.
Of course, I did not tell her about my participation.
I said that Karl just told me all this.
“Later, the guy from the psychiatric examination told me that with such a story I simply wanted to subconsciously disclaim responsibility for my betrayal and for what I witnessed.
And who is better than his wife for this.
But we always understood each other perfectly.
Jessica listened to me in silence, sitting in the chair opposite, and her lips nervously quivering. I am live sex cam.

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