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The corridor was empty, as was the whole institute, but from the depths, from where, making an inexplicable zigzag, the corridor rested against the literature room, the usual noise went — in front of the office doors, followed by an examination in foreign literature, crowded, talked, laughed and nervous Alenin classmates; and still not recognizing the voices, not knowing who exactly is languishing there – one of the girlfriends or someone with whom she did not communicate during school hours, Allen was already happy, as the lost traveler rejoices, sensing the closeness of housing.
There was a theory, or rather a multitude of theories on one question of one topic: when is it better to take the exam – first, last or in the middle.
Each theorist, however, theorists

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were not aware of how often the original sources are unknown, but the proponents of ideas had convincing arguments in their favor.

In the morning, the teacher still seems to be asleep, and his mood is normal, not tired, not hungry, he is not yet bored with stupid answers, moreover, while he sits down, unfolds and others are preparing, you can manage to hide something in the table .
Lunch – the teacher is thinking only about food, goes to the toilet (this is also a note about the table), is already tired of someone else’s chatter and wants to quickly round out.
In the evening – he was tired of everything, he had a headache and a reduced stomach, he did not need lengthy answers.

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The supporters of the currents came to their time, but it required a certain skill and knowledge: one teacher managed to take the exam from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, another in the same group finished the exam with four, and there were also such teachers that student knowledge had time to find out until one o’clock in the afternoon, and without taking into account the teacher’s individuality, one could be unsuccessful for failing to attend the exam.
In addition to bright representatives of various areas, there were also individualists, they came to the beginning of the exam and were at the door to the end waiting for the cherished phrase “mood of nothing” and strove, bypassing the legitimate waiting list, to jump into the audience without fail at such a suitable moment.
There were also those who, once successfully passing the exam, subsequently, without tempting fate, sought to be in the right place at exactly the right time.
Alyona was one of those rare students who didn’t care what time to appear before the teaching eyes.
The only thing that Alyona did not like was to languish in anticipation under the doors, but when the most notorious first players pass, there is always a moment when those who want to be missed out of turn.
Alain entered the nook.
At the door of the pulpit, contrary to the noise, only four girls crowded, and one guy was sitting on the windowsill, glancing at the nobles with a condescending smile.
“Hello,” said Alyona, and the flock together tweet, sharing information: who passed, who “flunked”, who had not yet appeared, and that the girl from the “black” place at the first table will now answer.
“Well, will I go?” Alyona glanced at the guy, who, smiling, was sitting on the windowsill.
He, like Katya, was not friends with anyone in the group, but he clearly singled out Alain and often spoke to her at recess, but they were talking, as they say, intellectual, about all sorts of trends in world literature in particular and in world culture. in general, besides, Igor, that was the name of the boy, was urban, and Alena did not know who his parents were or whether he had a girlfriend. Korean sex drama movie watch online.

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