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Drunk alcohol and my playful tone did their job, Marinka cheered up and talked.
She told me that Ali had not been engaged in fruit and conversation for a long time, almost immediately began to undress her.
Spoke a bunch of compliments: I saw boobs, tattoos, a chain at the waist, a piercing in the navel – I went crazy.

He began to mumble something only on his own, lick it everywhere.
Well, Marinka also showed the class – she sucked as much as she could, Ali could not resist – finished in her mouth.
– For the first time in my life the Negro sucked! – I proudly reported to my wife.
She was already pink and seemed to be ready to suck a couple of members.
The robe completely untied, we sat in the chairs and I openly admired Marinkina’s pussy.
And then Ali quickly recovered and almost twice he fucked her.
in the ass! He never touched her pussy.
Strange these aborigines! So I can take you and not changed.
– cheerfully summed up my faithful spouse and sat on my lap.
She clearly wanted to catch up with Ali.
I honestly thought that I would find her zadolbannuy and tired, but she turns out to be such a bitch! How many blacks does she need? It will be necessary to invite the next time a couple.
Her hand was already getting me a cock from my fly, lips clung to mine.
We began to lick like animals, the smell of someone else’s sperm from her lips excited me incredibly! Once on the bed, she took off her robe and became a cancer, turning her ass to me.

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In all its glory appeared her shaved, shiny from the discharge cunt.
But most of all I was struck by the anus of my beloved wife! Although we sometimes practiced anal entertainment, I had never before seen a hole that Marinkin was so broken.
After the Negro huya, she didn’t even have time to cut herself, and now she looked at me invitingly.
Marina turned her head and smiled, clearly aware of the effect produced.
Naturally, I immediately inserted into this vicious hole for her – my cock entered without any resistance.
All night I didn’t just fuck my wife – I dug her in all holes, finished in my mouth and licked my sperm afterwards.
The curtains on the windows we did not push.
Vacation flew by.
Ali constantly came to our room, the last few times with a friend Muhammad.
Marina just blossomed, I was happy too.
Guests came for a few hours, then I returned to the room and got unforgettable pleasure, having my insatiable wife in holes in which someone else’s black dicks were moving just a few minutes ago! (To be continued)
On that summer day, Nina Nikolaevna was traveling by train to the country.
It was a weekday, so the train was empty.
In addition to her, a woman of about 50 (her age) with her son rode in the car.
The guy, apparently 20 years old, was obviously mentally ill – he behaved inadequately, was over-excited, shouted, waved his hands.
But that was not all.
Periodically, the guy grabbed his mother by the chest, climbed to kiss her.
Mother constantly

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said something to him and gently dismissed him from herself.
But the young man showed more and more activity.
Mother began to look around helplessly.
Seeing Nina Nikolaevna, she took her son by the hand and sat down next to her.
Please help me, I beg you, as a mother, she began to beg Nina.
What happened? – asked Nina Nikolaevna.
My son is oligophrenic.
You see, he is now excited, he starts up more and more.
I can’t handle him anymore.
He needs a woman, otherwise he will rape me now.
I’m still his mother.
At home, I constantly call my neighbor, our age and I, she gives him, and he calms down.
And now on the road, I don’t even know what to do. Lastochkacam bongacams.

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