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Undress her and put her in a circle.
At the same time listen and look at her humiliation.
How she will plead for mercy.

You can also bolt anywhere.
Do not feed for a week, and then make food pay in kind.

Such thoughts periodically visited Sergey.
It seemed to him that she deserved such a punishment.
He really didn’t do anything of the kind.
But the root of evil gradually sprouted in Sergey’s subconscious.
And so their neighborhood lasted until the house was completely completed.
Finally, the long-awaited silence that Sergey had been waiting for has come.
Sorry this did not last long.
Literally in a couple of days, guests drove into the house of his neighbor.
And the whole horror came down with a new force.
Masha more so loudly did not swear.
That’s just the noise from this is not diminished.
And even the opposite.
And this is what was added.
Days a lot of people.
Film crew.
Looks like they were shooting some kind of gear.
Loud music almost until the morning.
And so, day after day.
For three weeks, Sergey endured these mockeries with reluctant teeth.

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So far, one evening, his nerves are gone.
He went to find out the relationship to his noisy neighbors.
Going to the front door he knocked.
Tuk-tuk-tuk Sergey put his ear to the door.
I realized that because of the loud music, no one hears him.
Then, he started kicking the door with his foot.
Bam-bam-bam – Hey.
When will you calm down there! How can.
The second hour of the night! Shouted Sergei.
It was cool to stand here, and he was about to go home, as someone looked out the door.
– Whats up? Who are you? – asked Masha, looking out the doorway.
– I am your neighbor.
And you already fucked me! – Sergey said menacingly, pointing to the side of his house, now to the side from which the music came.
With this gesture he made it clear to Masha that he was her neighbor.
Livejasmin last version.

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