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For two years, the maximum to what he achieved: so these are hot kisses after corporate parties, when he walked me home.
So it was until this trip.
We went on a business trip together, and after spending almost a week away from our halves, we became very close.

But I stubbornly did not “understand” and did not accept his explicit and implicit attempts to drag me to my room.
Maximum of what he achieved.
and then I was thrown into the paint.
I remembered the last evening before leaving.
We had dinner at the cafe, Kolya once again offered to continue the evening in his room, but I stubbornly “resisted” his harassment.
In the end, we went for a walk in the evening city.
Walking on the evening promenade, Nikolai put his arm around me and stopped, turned me towards him.

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Hugging me, he tried to pull me to himself, but I tried to dodge took a step back and rested my ass on the parapet of the embankment.
He approached and began to kiss me.
I turned away from his kisses, but after a while, his lips covered mine, and I involuntarily surrendered to the power of his lips.
He was cool kissing, and I slowly began to answer him.
All thoughts left me, and I just enjoyed his kisses.
His hands began to slide over my body, his hands slid over his chest, then down his stomach, walked over his thighs.
He jerked me up and put me on the parapet of the embankment.
Holding me close, he spread my legs and leaned against me.
Then, hugging and pressing me to her with one hand, the other of his hands slid over my body again, only this time she moved up and down my leg.

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His fingers touched my skin on my thigh, slid under my skirt, and walked over my panties.
I frantically squeezed my legs, but the attempt was unsuccessful.
His fingers stroked the underbelly through the panties, the second hand slipped under the blouse, went up, slipped under the bra and his fingers touched the nipple of my chest.
I recoiled, but feeling that I could fall, I was forced to grab his neck with my own hands.
My lips responded to his kiss, my hands pressed me to him, and at that moment, his fingers pushed the fabric of the panties to the side and touched the lips of the vagina.
I shuddered, tried to free myself, but he only pressed me closer.
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