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They were dumbfounded for the first time, when they saw men and a woman dressed in a mini and transparent jacket coming out of the head office.
And then after 15 minutes.
again, surrounded by men, this woman is going backwards already completely naked.

At the same time, Gena picks up my chest from below and waves my chest with my breast in a gesture of greeting.
And Olga Ivanovna says so loudly, welcome the guests of our factory.
I made a curtsy in the squat, and thus my shaggy tubercle stood out even more clearly.
Men are dumbfounded.
Gena told me, well, if Volodya does not satisfy, then I will call the guests to help you.
When I decisively opened the door to the secretarial room, Katya jumped up from what she had seen.
Yuri turned to Kate and said – get everyone right now to the meeting.
It is time.
And I also resolutely opened and entered the director’s office.
Yuri suggested, maybe we’ll take Olga all together once more.
But Gennady remarked, but Yuri after the meeting, we always have time as many times as necessary, and threw the keys to the secret room to me.
I opened the room and the three of us – Gena and Volodya entered into it.
My sarafan was spread out right in the middle of the bed, Gennady said to Volodya – fuck her on this rag

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and you can use this rag to wipe the sperm and my discharge from your pussy.
Let’s lie down and spread your legs wider, pushed Gena me on the bed.
And immediately he reached into my vagina with his fingers.

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What are you worth – put your fingers here too.
And Volodya joined.
What a surprise Volodya began to pull a cucumber out of me! Gena said – well, check, they also lost the tractor yesterday.
Volodya shoved the whole brush into me.
And at that moment, the office became filled with men and Gena got up and did not bother with the fact that the chiefs could see me in that position, opened the door wide and immediately disappeared at his meeting.
Volodya tried, but let go quickly.
I did not have time to get an orgasm as he immediately after he let him down, took his dick out of me.
Two hours later, I was exhausted in trying to raise him for the fifth time.
The door suddenly opened wide, and an ironic appeal was heard from its director’s seat: newlyweds leave.
Volodya with a dangling bolt, but fully dressed came out with me naked by the handle.
I was immediately offered to go up to the table for meetings and, pacing back and forth, to tell me: how many times they let me down, in what positions, how I podmahivayu.
I am pleased to act on it all.
Yuri demanded that I decompose in front of him, spreading wide not only his legs, but at the same time with his hands, spreading his lips sex.
He just got up from his chair and immediately took out a well-erectile member.
I happily began prying him in the hope that I would finally get an orgasm.
But Kate came in and came close to the chief, asked him if he let her go home and at the same time as the answer – you, Katya, are free, the chief began to let me down.
Katya gave me a scornful look that I did not manage to catch up with the boss in orgasm.
I asked the chef not to take a member out of me, but he didn’t give a damn about me, he made me again not just lick his dick under Volodya, but carefully get out his testicles and anus.
After that, he immediately offered to take me to the department.
When we walk past the hall, I told Gena well, and where the three heroes are, And Gena, in return, is not over yet.
I didn’t even think that when I entered the department decisively, I would at least find someone there. Secret sex lives swingers episodes.

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