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Do you know where we are going? It’s terribly cold there! – I said to Vike, who approached, that the phrase was in her style – “There, there is no man who will warm me!” I noticed a lewd spark in the eyes of Sergey, who was looking at her forcibly.
My words brought him to life. How many times have you fucked her already? Put it on, we need to go! Sergey somehow incomprehensibly looking at me, grabbed our bags and left to hand over their luggage.
He was not my permanent man.

We sometimes relaxed together, he liked to fuck me, and I liked to let him do it.
Immediately I was jealous of him.
We meanwhile went to the registration.
Sergey was already walking behind us, coming up to me, he leaned over and whispering to me, “She has a great butt, Mishka will like it, but your ass is better.
I can not wait for the moment when I pull off your clothes.
– Serge !!! – I stopped him. So that’s why you walked behind us without haste, evaluated our forms!? I won’t tell you how many times men with their eyes stripped and fucked Vika while we were registered and why Victor looks like a lustful chick in his passport.
By hook or by crook, we boarded a plane.
I slept after 35-40 minutes after take-off and slept almost the entire time of the flight.
From time to time, waking up from the fact that Sergey, trying to quietly push my hand under the ass, then between the legs, frankly, pawed me.
As it turned out, Vika helped him relieve anxiety by sucking his dick.

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Well, okay man, he is a man, the lower head works the top one rests.
Flying up to Irkutsk, we still persuaded Vika to change into normal clothes.
At the airport, Misha was already waiting for us.
It was not a tall, stocky man.
But there was nothing remarkable about him, the only factor that surprised me was obviously older than 55 years.
– Here we go? – said Misha. After half an hour we were on the spot.
The owner of the house led me and Vika to the door, while squeezing our ass tightly with his hands.
Opening the door for us and inviting us to enter, loudly slapped me but the buttock.
Sergey said that we can take a shower and change clothes.
I went first.
Having put himself in order, I got out of the shower and asked Misha where I could change my clothes, he pointed me to the open door to the next room.
Passing into the room, I threw off a towel and began to smarten up.
Dried and combed hair, and before proceeding to the rest put on stockings.
When they were on me, I was wildly aroused and enjoyed.
As such, I went to the mirror and began to make up.
Reincarnation into a woman just drove me crazy.
Warm waves of mild excitement again rolled over my body.
From the head impulses spread over the body were given to the nipples that are swollen and slightly hardened.
Excitement and

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excitement were given by the chill on the back, which descended to my butt and flowed down into the hollow of my hole.
The ring of the anus is compressed and unclenched.
Everything ended at the tips of my toes, which is why I stood on tiptoe and bent my back, even more invitingly pulling out my butt.
Breathing hard, even while moaning, I applied makeup.
As it turned out, this picture aroused not only me.
Hearing someone else’s heavy breathing, I turned around and saw Misha.
He stood in the hall, took off his pants and lowered his underpants kneaded his half-excited member, examining my naked body.
This picture turned me on to the limit.
Deciding to fry frying, I invited him to enter the room, and she sat down on the sofa next to her and spread her legs wide.
Misha finally got rid of his panties and walked into the room. Sex tape online subtitrat.

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