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For just a second, Harry thought: just leave, or still have the last word, – and, as a result, he said: – Don’t talk nonsense, bitch.
If all of a sudden, God forbid, I’ll have AIDS, then every chick in this castle will have it! – Want to say you’re a macho? Pansy grinned mockingly.
“And let him prove, since he is so cool,” Astoria said calmly.

– Similarly, Potter! – immediately agreed Pansy.
– If you consider yourself a man, not a boy, then answer for your words.
Harry is in trouble.
But there was nowhere to retreat, so he, trying to make his voice sound as free as possible, stretched out: – Hmm.
What should I do? May be? to plant one of you down the throat? Of course, though Harry was not a virgin, he had very little experience with sex – only two times with Zhou last year and another with a little-familiar waitress in a cafe near the metro station closest to Little Winning this summer.
– Haha! No, for now at least take off your pants – let’s see what size a member of the Chosen! Laughed Astoria.
– Yes please, is this a problem? – said Harry and, with trembling hands, undid the belt and button on his trousers.
Unbuttoning his fly, he abruptly – so that there was no time for doubt – he lowered them along with his underpants.
In theory, he had nothing to be ashamed of, since by his own measurements it turned out that his erection reaches almost seventeen centimeters.
“Not bad enough for someone like you, Potter!” – whistled Pansy, watching as his dick gradually rises under their gazes.
“Yes, I have something to take,” Astoria drawled.
– Well, admire – and that’s enough! – said Harry, barely holding back to not breathe out with relief, and feeling all the wild absurdity of the situation, pulled his pants back.
– I wonder how you are supposed to put in our mouths in pants? Teen sex watch online free.

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