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The girl quickly pulled off his pajama pants.
Noticing that she was looking at him between her legs, Kohl made a languid attempt to hide behind.
What are we shy! – the girl laughed softly and with a quick jerk, holding Colin’s legs up, turned around to the second nurse, – Not.

slow down, Alena! Have you not woken up yet? Come on, Irka, ”said Alena, leaning over Kolya,“ You know how I dislike the first shift. ”
Kohl noticed a strange white stick in Alyona’s hands and in the next instant a foreign object slipped into his ass.
The boy did not even have time to get scared.
He simply did not understand when he woke up what the nannies were doing to him.
Suffer it, honey, – said affectionately to Kohl Alena, – We will just measure your temperature. Young masturbation hidden cam.

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