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Yes, squeak relish, intense.
We frolicked on that bed in the light of the moon.
She was lying on her stomach, all exhausted by endless sex.

Drops of sweat ran down the curves of her back.
And they rolled in the direction of a small hollow in the area of ??her waist.

Elastic large breasts were pressed against the crumpled sheets.
She held her hands over the bed arm and moaned loudly to the beat of the creaking of our bed and slapping my eggs on her taut ass.
I, leaning my arms and legs on the plane of the rookery, vehemently worked on her orgasm.
The night was coming long: condoms can not be sorry.
Sweat ran off me.
To match her moans and cries, I published something like snarling and chugging.
My dick entered her weary pussy with a passionate smack.
However, the condom was already clearly worn.
– Roll over, I have something for you! – Stopping, I whispered.
Dasha obeyed.
– And what is it? – she rewarded me with a surprised and crafty look.
Throwing her leg, she appeared in front of me.
In the meantime, I changed the contraceptive.

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Used I threw on the floor.
Dasha was breathing faster: the night was not a simple one, but there was still plenty of time until the morning! I touched her wet pussy with my fingers.
– I’ll show you now! – I finally answered.
Lifting her legs, I pulled her pelvis closer.
Put her buttocks on your own knees.
I leaned the end to her anus and put the swollen head inside.
Dasha moaned, and then added: – Is this your surprise? I entered it again.
The member walked along its channels like on rails.
The anal ring in the last weeks has been carefully designed and fitted to my diameter.
Of course, the entrance here was narrower than in her vagina, but this added pleasure.
Then I spread her legs and put them on the bed.
It was the turn of the answer.
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