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Double anal webcam. And this is forever, – Paul said sadly and somehow doomed.
His whole being stiffened from the words.
– Why such sadness, I did something wrong? – anxious asked Andrei.
– No, just now you may not understand this, but soon it will become clear to you that we will not be together, and you will leave me, return, as they say in one film, “to the family, to work” – a sad smile appeared on the face of the young man, – and again I will stay again with the memories of you! But it is not important.

The main thing is that now your strong arms warm me, now you are here with me, and I want it to last as long as possible! – and Paul pressed his cheek to the man’s shoulder, inhaled his scent.
“Do not worry, I will always be with you, and eventually we will think of something,” said Andrei, kissing Pavlik on the top of his head, and added cheerfully, “but you are right: now is not a good time or place.

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Today we are going to me, and I do not accept any objection.
After your theater etudes, I will have to flog you! – Ah well! Nothing will work for you, all the more so since we cannot go to you, – pouting his lips, Pavlik looked slyly into Andrew’s eyes.
– Well, you and imp, specifically provoke me! So, march to your office and in five minutes with things to the exit, say in the department that you are going to negotiate with me! And don’t worry about the apartment: it is only mine, and nobody knows about it! – as a winner, said the man.
– Well, you and sly! – the boy showed Andrew the tip of his tongue and was immediately captured in the strong arms of the man, and then a passionate and long kiss followed.
– So, everything, march to get ready, otherwise we will not get to the right place, – Andrei turned the guy around and spanked him so awesomely beautiful, that the eggs rang and such impudent ass.
– Hey! – Pavel defiantly jumped in surprise and smiled.

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We will not linger on the description of how strangely the staff looked at happy Paul and Andrew.
The man and the guy left the building like two cats, who had eaten sour cream.
Finally, our heroes were in the apartment.
Two naked bodies, the lips of a man wandering over the hot skin of a guy, strong hands, his elastic buttocks tightening, Paul’s passionate embrace, his arms wrapped around Andrew’s neck.
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