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Olesya, still in a state of shock, looked at me with her mouth open.
– Come on, bunny.
And having already forgotten about her principles and stereotypes, and most importantly about her words, that she was missing me alone, that she didn’t need a third in bed, Olesya brought her mouth to the giant.

Throwing a farewell look in my direction, the girl opens her mouth wider, and chews on this Goliath, leaning on him as much as her tiny mouth allows her.
Olesya, not letting the juicy member of the mulatto out of his mouth, gets up from his chair and falls to his knees in front of the young man.
Grabs his muscular ass and even deeper swallows his huge cock.
She no longer controls herself.
She sucks relish, splashing the sides of the saliva and droplets of male lubricant.

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I silently, watch the process for almost ten minutes, until Olesya, finally, not sucking, falls away from his penis, rises to his full height, scratches Darco’s pumped muscles and pushes him into the room, dragging off his clothes on the way.
Darko reciprocates her.
Hardly noticing that the girl undressed, he throws her on the bed and puts his lips into her vagina.
Olesya, from the pleasure of pulling her legs together, tightly wrapping the head of the bartender with her knees, passing her fingers through the black curls of the hair on the mulatto’s head.
– Enter me! – She shouts in a frenzy pulling a man to freedom, completely forgetting that he does not understand Russian.
But Darko, understands body language, he does not need to translate, he, holding his black penis with his right hand, sends him into the little hole of my wife.

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Olesya, frozen and biting her lip, breaks into a scream and moans loudly from the first pitching inside.
And now he is already courting my beloved, piercing through a squishing vagina, clinging with his teeth to the protruding nipples of excited nipples.
I can not stand it, take off my pants and bring my penis to Olesya’s lips.
She, suffocating from the constant strokes, losing her head, barely manages to catch him, and finally, having caught him, he sucks him into himself like an anaconda, a lost game.
My dick is 18 centimeters, Olesya and I measured it with a ruler.
I consider it a good size for an ordinary man, but compared to the organ of Draco, my cock looks like a real baby.
Hidden treasures 2013 online sex.

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