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At this time, Masha’s hoarse breathing developed into a moan.
She felt that she was ready to finish, but Anton was not yet.
Pushing him away from her, she quickly crawled under him and dug her lips into a flushed penis.

Standing on all fours, Anton, too, screamed – it was something new in his sexual experience! Helping herself violently with one hand, Masha with the other quickly jerked the dick, licking the head.
A minute later, a thick liquid splashed on her face, and she, who had finished a few seconds before, began to roll her head from side to side, substituting jets of cheek, forehead, chin.
This scene could not excite the observers.
Yurik sat down on a chair and with a flourish planted Zhenya on his long-standing organ.
Maddened with passion, Zhenya began to jump, uttering squeals, moans and screams, and finally went limp, slumped and seemed to spread over her lover’s body.
Within a few minutes, both calmed down, but soon Eugene came to life and began to thank Yurik with a kiss.
After suffering a few minutes, he said gruffly: – Suck, I have to finish.
Zhenya readily slipped and swallowed a hot dick, smelling just like her fingers when she aroused herself.
And, just at that moment, when Masha and Anton came out of the bathroom, wet, fresh, clean, happy, but pretty tired – at that moment sperm flowed from a member of the growling Yurika, which Eugene poured onto the carpet.
Then she got up with difficulty, kissed Yurik once more and went into the shower.
A minute later she came out and found an idyllic picture: shyly covering themselves with towels and bathrobes, her partners drank brandy.
It became clear that everyone was somewhat tired to continue right now.
Masha and Anton, perhaps, seemed fresher than the rest, but also did not burn with a special desire.
The initial, the brightest, an attack of lust passed, the female soul demanded something more leisurely and refined, and men wanted to sleep physiologically purely.

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It was decided to take a nap for a few hours, and then look at the circumstances.
Masha, Jura and Zhenya and Anton settled down on the two existing beds.
The men were cut off immediately and began to cry: Yurik is quiet, with a whistle, and Anton is bass and rolling.
Women in a low voice shared their impressions.
If you cut off the numerous enthusiastic words and interjections, it turned out that Masha liked Anton more

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, more confident and cheeky, like herself, and Zhenya, Yura: just like her, hesitant and modest.
But orgasms and fatigue took their toll, and the women soon fell asleep on the shoulders of their lovers.
First, Anton woke up.
The first thing he saw was brown hair with gray hair right in front of his eyes.
It took him a few seconds to remember and understand who he was and how he got here.
Returning to reality, he squinted at the next bed, but there Masha and Yura were sleeping peacefully.
A narrow blanket, not designed for two, slipped, revealing Masha’s magnificent body.
Contemplation of gently waving breasts and thick thighs brought back to life and a member of Anton.
However, he did not dare wake a woman sleeping with a friend, but remembered the one that rested against his ribs with sharp nipples.
Throwing back the blanket, he again considered Eugene’s beautiful, albeit somewhat faded body.
The hand went over the elastic breasts, stroked nipples and slipped into the gap.
Zhenya, without waking up, turned over onto her back and instinctively spread her legs.
Exciting sleeping was something new in the repertoire of Anton.
After fingering, he gently began to stroke the opened big lips, the spiky pubic hair, the skin on the inner side of the thighs.
A few minutes later, his efforts gave the result: Zhenya began to breathe more often, her nipples hardened, her hands began to move involuntarily, her legs moved apart more and more.
Bringing his hand to his face once again, Anton felt the moisture on his fingers and the intoxicating smell of an excited woman.
The sound from the other bed made him get distracted.
Masha woke up, moved between the legs of Jura and slowly, with gusto, began to lick the lower surface of the penis lying on her stomach.
Eugene, who woke up, just like Anton, looked at what was happening with horror for a few seconds – she didn’t immediately remember why she was naked lying next to a young guy.
But then a smile ran across her face, and she kissed Anton.
Remembering that Zhenya did not like the missionary position, Anton turned over onto his back.
Zhenya readily settled over him, gently, as if afraid of hurting, put the organ into the slit and began to crouch and rise smoothly. Livejasmin old layout.

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