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After finishing school and enrolling in university, I was still a virgin and, although I liked girls, I didn’t experience the joys of sex when I was 17 years old.
We lived in a hostel.
Studied with me in the same group cheerful clockwork girl Svetlana.

We were friends, but we were not lovers.
I liked to communicate with her, but I never looked at her as a sexual object.
Svetlana did not have high moral standards, but she was not a whore either.
She lived at one time with some guy in a girl’s room, slept with him, then they broke up.
It was a new year.
I went with my friends to the apartment, the people in the hostel booze and had fun.
Mobile then was not.
The doorbell rings, Svetlana and her friend rush into our apartment, and we, four guys and two girls, are celebrating.

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We drank.
I am going to sleep.
I sleep, I hear women cry and the voice of a man soothing.
I got up, go out into the kitchen.
Svetlana is sitting with one of the guys, crying.
I ask what happened.
Sveta rises and runs away from the apartment.
I ask the sidekick what kind of bullshit happened and he tells me that when I went out to sleep, he began to pester Sveta with sex, and she burst into tears and said that she came to me, but I don’t pay any attention to her, but she loves and every such canoe.
I was a little overwhelmed.
Me and the Light? Yes classmates, yes close friends, but there was never a hint about love.
I went to her in a hostel.
I come, it is not, the girls say that she went to the apartment to a friend.
I go there.
Come, fun, Sveta beauty right there.

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They sat down, drank, started a conversation.
I hugged her and kissed her.
By morning, the people got to sleep, the apartment was one-room, Sveta and I went to the sofa.
She undressed, remained in the bodice and panties.
They began to kiss, I crawled into her panties, groped pubic hairs, got excited, climbed on her and BAM fell at me! And I’m a kid, I’m 18 years old, I’m in shock! The girl is naked a substitute, but I do not get up.
What? How? Where? I jumped up in shame, got dressed and ran away.
Came to the guys at the apartment.
I think I got into a disgrace.
The next day, Svetlana arrived.
The guys from intelligence left us together.
Well, we went back to bed.
I’m worried, the member does not get up.
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