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So you took the first step and got your own slave, hence the eternal question of the beginning Mistress – where to start? Only at first glance it seems difficult, in every Woman nature has an invisible, hidden force that makes it easy to control the man, which they subconsciously feel and in everyday life they try to suppress with all their might, to avoid completely showing their stubbornness instead of submitting.
But half the way has already been passed, and you only need to unfold this gift in yourself, to allow it to develop, in the near future you will be surprised to find out how easily and simply what turned out to be difficult at first.
Female domination is primarily a philosophy of deifying and worshiping the male of the Female Essence, nature, the Female body, as opposed to the male principle as such, the philosophy of the unconditional superiority of the Woman over the man. how he – a man is insignificant before you – a woman! Start with the fact that in your presence the slave is obliged! always on his knees if there was no permission to stand up, in the classical, generally accepted version the slave and the Mistress are almost always naked when they are alone, this allows, as already mentioned above, to feel the atmosphere and spirit of what is happening most vividly, meaning the worship and exaltation of the Feminine and the body unlike men.

This is a very important point that cannot be ignored, because by and large, from the point of view of psychology, everything is based on the difference between the sexes, and above all the primary sexual characteristics, the slave must see and be aware of how beautiful the female body is in all its original glory.
It also includes the subconscious subordination of men to women, because spiritual values ??have always been higher and more colorful than ordinary carnal entertainment, it is necessary for the slave to be filled with obedience to the deepest corners of his consciousness.
The next moment, the slave, upon request or request, is obliged to add the “Mrs.” as a sign of belonging and respect, if there were no other orders, he needs your permission for any of his actions or inactions.

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The following are some provisions: 1.
He is a slave, and this means

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that he is a nobody, he is a thing belonging to the Lady.
He does not have his personality, his “I”.
He is just a continuation of the hands, will, and desires of his Lady.
Mrs. always right! 2
He has no body – it belongs to the Lady.
He is always at Her service.
He can not have his “desires”, “opinions” or “rights”.
He has no secrets from the Mistress.
He is completely open to Her gaze, attention and desires.
The blessing of the Lady for him is always the Supreme Goal.
He is obliged to fulfill any wish of the Lady with humility.
The phrase: “Do it if you want” is equivalent to an order for him.
For him, there is nothing that it would be indecent to do in the presence of the Mistress or at Her command.
He must ask for forgiveness for the mistakes made.
Forgiveness is possible only after punishment.
He should be grateful to Her for all that She does.
When the Mrs. enters the house – he must change Her shoes, and kiss Her feet as a sign of gratitude for the attention paid to him.
He is obliged to kneel before the Mistress at the slightest attention from Her side.
This is his main position.
He should confess at every meeting before the Mrs. in all his deeds, sins and wrongdoings.
He has no right to hide anything from his Lady.
A lie is unacceptable.
He should never, on his own initiative, look into the face or face of the Lady.
To look there without an order is arrogance.
He cannot ask any questions to the Lady without Her permission — that is arrogance.
He has no right to demand attention from the Mrs.
This is intrusive.
He must wait patiently and calmly for Her affairs to allow Her to give him attention.
He cannot object, refuse to carry out an order, or have an opinion.
This is disobedience.
For any offense, the Mrs. can punish him as she sees fit.
Any self-will is punishable.
Insolence, forgetfulness, irony – this is also self-will, if not worse – arrogance.
Any wish from the Lady is a reward for him.
He is forbidden to discuss the orders of the Lady and resist punishment.
He cannot be spoken until the Mistress wants him to; it is necessary to answer in a gentle respectful manner, in a low voice.
If he needs to say something, first he needs to get permission for it (The only case when he is allowed to give a vote without permission is gratitude for the punishment being made, prayers for mercy and praising the beauty of the Mistress.
) Any violation of these rules is a disobedience and should be punished accordingly, depending on the amount of misconduct. Sex at work on camera.

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