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But – to think, to think about who was fucking whom in the sleeping room, it was already too busy, – having heard the command “hang up”, addressed personally to him, the Hare flew out of the toilet bullet – quickly undressed, quickly folded, as taught in “quarantine”, his uniform and, throwing the blanket aside, slipped into bed.
“Prepare Vaseline” – this was the last phrase of Arkhip, addressed to Kohlah Hose, which the Hare, jumping out of the closet, had time to hear, but now, hiding with a blanket, the Hare did not think about these words, but that, first, Arkhip allowed him to sleep until seven o’clock, and secondly.
secondly, his Arkhip, the Hare, had just been defended from Koch – and this could not help but strengthen the hope that everything for him, for the Hare, was not so bad.

only when he was in bed, Dima Zayats felt with his whole being, felt how much he was tired for today’s night.
tremendously tired! But he was not destined to fall asleep – as soon as he covered his chin with a blanket, he began to fall into a long-awaited dream, as Arkhip’s voice came to him: – Hare! Go here.
don’t get dressed! Hare from this cry, addressed to him, heart sank.
“here it is.
begins! “- Hare flashed, burned Hare’s thought, but what exactly begins to have no time to think – jumping from her bed, Hare grabbed his neatly folded form, but the next second he was overtaken by the idea that Archip spoke loudly that he should not dress.
“begins!” – hare thought in dismay, jumping out of a dark womb into a dimly lit “takeoff” – Arkhip, legs apart, stood against a lighted rectangular opening leading from the sleeping room to the corridor. Sex cams record.

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