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I sat on Andrew, And Sasha began to cram the head into my designed ass.
At first there was a feeling that they were tearing me apart, especially when both started fucking me at a decent pace, but then I realized that I had no better feelings in life.
-Sanek, the dress does not remember much, she also speak more! – I do not remember, do not tell me.

Alexander began to finish abundantly in my ass.
Alex quickly put me on my feet, bent and began to fuck me in the ass, where Alexander already had a liter of sperm, who poked his cock in my mouth – lick, be a good fuck.
Seeing that the dick was clean, I began to suck it again, sucking out all the droplets of sperm from the hole.
Alexey began to finish.
then he quickly took out his penis, bent me even harder, lifted the cork and put in sharply what I already screamed.
– It will work in 5 minutes! – shouted elevator.
– fine, then suck on us a little more – without hesitation, began to suck, thinking that it was worth it.

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After 5 minutes, the elevator started moving and when it opened, everyone looked very decent, without any appearance of a recent fuck.
This is how sometimes I have to make my way up the career ladder, but for Alexander, I sucked for a long time for a decent increase in salary.
On December 28, I came to my New Year corporate party with my friend Mila.
Mila was red-haired, fat-ass and clever.
At the table sat about ten people and sluggishly booze.
Mila said that she did not like the company and went up to my office on the second floor.
I wanted to pobukhat and have fun, but the redhead fat-ass fool prevented me from celebrating.
I said that I was also bored and took her home.
He himself immediately returned to work and joined the drunken company.
My attention turned to bookkeeper Marishka.

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She was dressed in a short little dress with a tail and bunny ears were coquettishly dressed on her head 🙂 I was very tired that day, because I worked two jobs and was torn all day between earth and sky.
Marishka volunteered to woo me, poured vodka for me and offered me snacks that I cooked myself.
I got drunk and put Marishka next to me, began to paw her.
She obviously liked it.
We started kissing in front of everyone, it became obvious to me that Marishka likes to kiss people and in general public attention flattered her.
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