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And Lena went to her son.
The son sat her beside him, took her hand and put his dick.
She looked at me, I smiled, let’s say.

But she was clearly inhibited.
Then I sat down beside my son on the other hand, leaned over and began to suck the member that Lena was holding.
Now you – I said.
But Lenka sat as if not alive.
Maybe I can leave again – I asked, although I really wanted to have threesome sex.
No mom, stay, I want you both – said the son.
He got up and began to unbutton his blouse on Lenka.
I helped him take it off and unzipped the skirt on her skirt, let her down and pulled her over her head.
Lena stood in front of us naked, and then

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the son sat her down on the sofa and began to kiss her scribble.
Lena closed her eyes.
I took her nipple in her mouth and started to caress him with my tongue.
Lena began to moan.
The son stood in front of her and I took his dick and put Lenka in her mouth.
She took it with her hand and began to suck.
I spread her legs and fingers began to touch the clitoris.
I was very excited.
I have never had to caress a woman before someone saw this.
While still a student in the dormitory, my friend and I caressed each other with our fingers, sometimes with my tongue, even brought each other to orgasm, but it was in the dark, without any outsiders.

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And here I was caressing a woman in front of my son.
And this is also not all.
Passed this.
Two years of endless service behind.
But my hometown met me in December bad weather and dullness.
Everything seems to be that.
But everything has changed.
Nothing stands still.
Friends met cordially, but somehow neither.
There was not that “wave of confidence” that was before! And it seems that the same persons, and the same prosceniums, but this was already the last stage.
And again, restlessness and loneliness.
The month passed unnoticed, and everything around was subjected to the pre-New-Year bustle.
And the closer this holiday, the darker it became in the soul.
The prospect of celebrating the New Year alone is not very inspiring.
And hope was completely lost, when suddenly an unexpected call.
From a familiar voice in the tube caught his breath.
Velvet singing voice that drove me so crazy! Regina !!! So suddenly.
Leggy brunette with a flexible figure and huge eyes, with long with tightening hair! My failed love, which somehow stupidly quarreled just before leaving the service.
And then, sheer silence, and the cold of oblivion! But more than once she came to me later, this time in dreams.
And then suddenly.
I have a voice intercepted! Immediately I remembered everything! Something was scribbling into the phone.
And she laughed back! As if there hadn’t been these two years! And after the obligatory “preface” suddenly followed by an unexpected proposal – a joint meeting of the New Year! Sexy tv live.

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