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Hair fell into his mouth, he drove his tongue along swollen lips, sucking the clitoris sticking out, trying to make the old woman finish faster.
It was disgusting.
The old woman’s pussy smelled of urine and, as it seemed to him, spicy salted herring, and she was also slippery with heavy discharge.

And when he almost did not feel the language, the old woman snarled and finished violently, pressing the guy’s face into her crotch.
After that

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, Marya’s aunt ordered her to rise from the floor and the young man obeyed her as if under hypnosis.
The old woman took off the workout with Constantine along with the cowards, saw him already standing with all his dick, gave him some training and said: – Get down.
Humbly Kostya obeyed.
He lay down on the floor, and Aunt Marya squatted over his face.
The guy began again to lick the mucus, which released the cunt before.
The woman sat on his face and ordered her large clitoris to quickly lick, then she settled over the guy’s face and began to piss him right in the mouth.
As Konstantin did not try to dodge, nothing came out and he had to swallow saline urine.
When the woman finished pissing, he carefully licked all that remained in her pussy.
Aunt Marya, satisfied, lifted her skirt from the floor.
– Well, thanks, thank you.
Come wash and go home, your grandfather was waiting for you, I guess.
My wife is a real bitch.
She found compromising on me and now does what she wants with me.
You do not believe? Then I will tell everything.
In order.
We got married very early, I was 19 then she was 18.
That was my first love.
I don’t know how I was with her, but she’s definitely not “tough”.
We got married.
Lived like everyone else.
Sometimes quarreled, of course, as without it.
But who does not? But it rather brightened our monotonous days.
Everything was fine until my bitch found out that I went to a prostitute alone.

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She even followed me.
I found out where she lives, and she turned to her.
I do not know what they were talking about, but only my wife changed immediately.
I think that damn thing told her that I love to obey, I love kissing my feet, and I also told about the “golden rain”.
In the evening, the wife came, slyly smiled and went to bed.
And I didn’t even let me on the bed.
Just blurted out that the pier with a rag-man would no longer sleep.
Well, at first I did not attach any importance to this.
Well, they say, go crazy and everything will be the same.
She’s also a man, she, too, need to fuck.
So you need to wait a bit.
Yeah, now.
She doesn’t allow a week, but at the end she says: Like, if I cheated on her with a prostitute outside the house, she would invite her into the house.
A prostitute for me in my house ?! Like, you see how I care about you.
Change, please.
I could not believe it.
Did she call a prostitute? I was shocked! I wish the fool would think about why she was so kind.
And I hung ears.
My prostitute came, her name was Masha.
Smiled to his wife, you bastard, she just left home.
I do not want to, says my shame to see, go shopping better.
How then did I not guess? After all, he saw that they sly looked at each other.
Well, a complete fool.
The whole evening Masha and I tumbled.
And finally, she made golden rain in my mouth.
And I licked her ass.
On this and got burned !!! My wife – the camera bitch everywhere ponastavila, and all recorded.
Can you imagine what compromising.
I lick the ass prostitute and she pisses in my mouth.
If anyone in my work finds out, I’m lost.
Until the end of days I will hide from people.
I’m a public man.
Everyone in the city knows me.
It will be necessary to run out of the city, and very, very far.
In the morning, if not in nothing, the wife puts me these records.
Like, look who you are after this.
I almost killed her.
So she bitch immediately tells me, you touch with your finger, you’ll regret it.
I thought the truth, it is better not to touch.
And she told me again, they say, let me entertain you myself.
And I agreed.
I have it, too, even very nothing.
Beautiful yet, men peeking.
I used to be afraid to even hint to her about it, but now she herself offers.
That’s how it all turned upside down.
Only again I forgot about these cameras.
And again she wrote down how I lick her feet, and she pisses me at that time.
Now I am completely hit.
Do not get out.
In the evening, she brought a collar, and when I refused to pull him, she told me about the recordings.
Then, after a few days, whips, handcuffs, and vibrators appeared.
She even brought a special toilet.
Well, such a woman is sitting at the top, pissing off, and the man below is licking her. Vk virt bongacams.

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