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Coming out you got dressed and I escorted you to the door.
– Well, girls, I hope you enjoyed it! If yes – waiting for your bell.
Having kissed you on the cheeks, I put you in a taxi and sent you home, and he poured himself another whiskey and went for a walk in the garden to devote himself to new fantasies.

The next morning, she woke up from the fact that she was wet and cool.
She looked down and saw that her improvised diaper with a gag was yellow and wet.
She cried.
Her sobs woke the Boss, who was very angry that she had prevented his sleep.
However, upon seeing the cause, He burst out laughing.
His laugh was more painful for her than any abrasions she had endured, and she burst into tears in her voice.
He, also laughing, opened her cage, pulled out his penis and, all the while still laughing, began to piss on her.
A hot jet washed her hair, face, mouth, boobs.
– What are you roaring, you did not like the golden rain? So, today you will swim all day just under it.
As soon as I want to use the toilet, you will sit at my feet with your mouth open and catch every drop. Webcam sex russian recording video.

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