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Maria didn’t dare to hide the truth from him, and why? After all, in fact, Nikolai Nikolayevich was her third.
In this, she, making an embarrassed look, confessed, covering her wonderful eyes.
Zheleznov, in principle, did not believe her, but grunted with satisfaction – she had a really narrow and undeveloped female “entrance”.

But again he was drawn to the conversations – I understand that Dmitry was your second, and who was the first? Slightly slanting eyes Masha shook, but she immediately “found a face” and something like contempt reflected on her pretty face: – No one can say.
Foolishly met with one loser, a journalist for a local newspaper.
– And now you only make happy meetings – with irony, but Zheleznov thought without malice.
He did not condemn Mashenka at all, although girls were already

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beginning to bother him, aspiring to his bed only because of his position.
However, while others were not observed.
– And you probably remember the name of your first man? – without any interest, just continuing the conversation, asked more Zheleznov.
– His name is completely unknown to anyone – it was obvious that this conversation was unpleasant for her, but Zheleznova had to answer.
She wanted to be in his eyes a very obedient girl – Alexander Telegin – showed pretty teeth in an ironic smile Masha.
The reaction to this name in Zheleznova in the eyes of the girl was absolutely amazing.
– How? – having thrown off his semi-drowsy state, he almost jumped up — Alexander Telegin — with Masha’s eyes wide-eyed, repeated.
Nikolai Nikolayevich did not know what to think.

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Is it just a coincidence? ”“ You know that he is in Moscow? ”“ Oh, and where are you from? ”
Do you know him? – already asked dumbfounded Masha.
Even a hint of some connection between Zheleznov himself and the worthless Telegin could not appear in her thoughts.
– It does not matter – Zheleznov did not initiate the girl into his relationship with Alex.
But he wanted to know everything about him.
And his mysterious boss, to whose account he transferred more than a million euros.
The promised girl is about to come to Russia.
But it all looked so mysterious.
Zheleznov did not like this situation.
And here there was such a chance – at least Telegin.
After all, surely the old love, as they say, does not “rust.”
“He left you or you?” “I certainly – Maria shrugged her shoulders – why would I need such a nothingness – she added even indignantly – can anyone really throw her away.
“But what is he doing in Moscow?” “He is now a successful journalist.
The PR man, Nikolai Nikolayevich, as it were, clarified the situation, and you must meet with him? ”“ I! Why? ”“ So it’s necessary — Zheleznov began to dress — and be as warm and gentle as possible to him.
– Up to? – Masha asked in a stunned voice, nodding at the bed. “If he wants it, then that’s possible too.
I repeat – it should be so.
I need.
Continued shouldAgata now passed the last test.
In its artificial filling was a lot of new, which was not the case with other, earlier models of Shevchenko.
First of all, the intellectual level, the ability to analyze and make decisions independently, and the protection of software were more complicated.
So that the girl could not send on the wrong path rogues like a former companion and assistant Neumann.
Sergey Anatolyevich was going to give all the necessary instructions for activating, deactivating the model, its content to Telegin in a special encrypted email.
Code, which was known only to Alex.
And was relevant only for a short time.
Changes in the code Shevchenko sent Alex in unsubstantiated letters telling about vacations abroad.
Everything was presented as a correspondence of uncle and nephew.
And she could not cause suspicions.
“Come out Redhead! Bright light hurt the eyes.”
I got up from the wooden bed on which I spent the last week and left the cell. Webcam sexy teen.

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